Pig lace also affects developments in the financial markets

At the end of April, the Mexican pig was first graduated, dangerous for the hunter. These events also had an impact on the financial sector. The values ​​of stock indices, individual shares and exchange rates, sometimes even known, changed. Panic broke out in the financial markets.

For the first time about the infection of a Mexican pig with lace, she appeared in the elderly. Not only did the infections start to bn bn people, but also investors around the world. Not perhaps because they would be in imminent danger of contagion, but because they began to imagine how the effects on the global economy could have a lace pig.

Measures against corruption usually mean the closure of many institutions, the suspension of production, reduced GDP and its sales, which has an impact on their profits. The Mexican dollar weakened by more than 5% against the US dollar in a single day (April 27), which is very high in the new market. On the same day, the Mexican stock index gave the Bolsa index more than 3% of its value.

chart exchange rate pesa to dollar

Shares not only fell in Mexico, but around the world, including world-renowned indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It is true that their decline was not as rapid as in Mexico. While US and European indices have shown relative resilience, individual stocks in specific sectors have often lost double-digit values. This was mainly the event of the company, which has something to do with tourism.

In short, there was a reasonable assumption that people would travel so as not to be at risk of infection. Therefore, the shares of airlines such as British Airways and Air France – KLM lost the most. At that time, however, the shares of travel agencies, hotels and even casinos were not.


One sector – the pharmaceutical industry – panic bag til, quite logically. There was a presumption that sales would be increased. The shares of the company that produces the anti-vaccine vaccines Tamiflu and Relenza benefited the most. These include Roche and GlaxoSmithKline.

There was not only an effect on stock prices and exchange rates, but e.g. On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the price of pigs traded there also fell rapidly.

Some have even begun to speculate that the US dollar and the Japanese have strengthened for a while, because they are considered safe currencies. In my opinion, this interpretation is pehnan. In fact, it is not at all clear how much influence the lace actually had. Nap. The prices of the action had several weeks in a row and the correction could be expected. Analysts are simply paid to look for price movement pins even where they are not.

And what does it look like with the influence of pig lace on the financial markets today? As in 2006, when the world pushed for lace pta, the markets gradually learned not to react to new issues at first. Something really necessary would have to happen in order to start the “chip” sale again.

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