Pichz new two-thousandth, the best banknote

On Monday, July 2, you can get a new 2,000th hand with improved protection against falls. It will change the watermark, adjust the protective strips and colors. NB does not comment on the changes yet, but it is clear that the day of the current banknotes security features in this form.

Your world-famous Czech opera singer Ema Destinnov will remain on the banknote, not even the size of the banknote. The new 2,000-meter round makes it harder for counterfeiters to work, so they add protective elements.

The Czech National Bank, which is involved in the modernization of currency only a flight before the introduction of the euro, has not yet written all the information. The State Printer of the Securities is not even known, but at least a verbal description appeared in the NB decree published in Sbrka konkon.

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Strengthen the protective elements
The two-thousandths according to the new design differ from the banknotes of the two two still valid designs with a watermark, a silver protective strip, the shape and colors of the rainbow stripe. According to the background, the banknotes will be issued in the year and signed by a representative of the central bank.

In the watermark, you will see a new watermark next to the portrait of Ema Destinnov, as well as a watermark indicating the value “2000” and an ornament on the ornament.

The metallic color of the protective strip varies from green to violet light depending on the noise of the incident light. The negative microtext “NB 2000 K” will be readable on the strip from the bottom up.

In addition, the banknote beam contains a rainbow stripe. The left side of the strip remains gold-colored under a certain angle, the right side is solid blue and the outer mirror face is marked “2000”. Gold and blue curves intermingle in the middle.

What does penn obh look like?
Today, it is possible to meet with valid models of two thousandths from 1996 and 1999. In total, more than 32 million of these banknotes, so there are three pieces per inhabitant. For comparison: two episodes and dark twelve thousands fall on each echo.

We also present the graphic design of the new banknotes with a detailed description of the security features during the first week. At that time, the NB should also reveal whether the banknotes of other denominations will be protected.

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