Petr Tepl explains how to recognize safe vr and vrov predators

Get a loan and do not currently have a problem. But do you know if the day is safe? What do the provider have to tell me about the transaction before signing the contract? You asked these and similar questions to Petra Teplma, who is a co-creator of the Navigtor bezpenho vru project.

Experts from Charles University and the consulting company EEIP in the Navigtor bezpenho vru project evaluated a total of 34 consumer providers in the Czech Republic.

According to the results of Navigtor, the banks esk spoitelna, Oberbank and LBBW performed best, followed by other banks.

As a result, they showed that the two largest providers of non-bank consumer loans – Cetelem and Home Credit – achieved comparable results as banks.

You also asked about the company that stands at the other end of the ranking – that is, the so-called predators. They are usually anonymous companies, their regulation is difficult in the Czech legislative environment. The Navigator evaluated only a sample of these companies and individuals (specifically 15), which experts selected on the Internet or assigned to the recommended consumer organizations. According to expert estimates, there are thousands of them in the Czech market, about tens of thousands.

How do we actually know safe vr?

According to Petr Teplho, a safe vr meets such a vr that meets the following parameters:

  1. The applicant knows the parameters of the case (such as APR and the total amount paid).
  2. applicant about the quality of the selected provider.
  3. The applicant wants the consequences of the fulfillment and non-fulfillment of this account (ie how the budget of his household is affected).

“Everywhere is inherently a risk, which should be reflected in the years of rates and hedgehog. When learning, you need to be aware of the consequences of both the fulfillment and non-fulfillment of the heat, ”adds Tepl.

Co vs jet zajmalo?

OTZKA: Hello, I am considering taking a loan, according to which I should choose the financial company I will take?

ANSWERS:It is necessary to know the maximum information about the company – to look at its website, whether there are contacts, the role is also played by whether the company has, for example, a stone branch or not, whether information about persons responsible for the company is available, information about products The company provides whether it requires a confirmation of income, whether, for example, an online calculator is available on the website for the calculation of vru, according to which you should be confused with the price of vru as such.

Who answered the questions

Petr Tepl studied finance and banking at VE and Charles University, where he received a doctorate in economics. He studied TV in Austria, the USA and New Zealand.

Regular lectures at foreign conferences (eg in the United Kingdom, Dubai, France, India, New Zealand, Turkey and the USA) and at Harvard University and the State University of New York.

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