People still risk more of their vacancies, fractures are on a daily basis

However, it complicates problems abroad and diseases of the respiratory tract. If you know foreign countries, you are more likely to occur once. According to SOB Pojiovna, fractures and tissue injuries of the head and internal organs are now allowed to cause health problems.

The reason is simple, because people still look for adrenaline experiences during their holidays, gamble on health even with normal activities such as cycling.

joints, heads, internal organs, but also fractures are among the most common assistance areas of the company Europ Assistance, which cooperates in the field of travel insurance, for example with the Czech Insurance Company, Generali and the Uniqa Insurance Company. one hundred percent.

m people abroad most often suffered
Zdravotn problem ethnicity vskytu
Fractures 20 %
Tk razy (porn pnve, internal organs, heads) 20 %
The disease smells like a machine 14 %
Respiratory diseases 11 %
Kon problem 7 %
Familiar ear 6 %
Diseased tooth 6 %
Surface porann, rny 3 %
Last 13 %
Source: SOB Pojiovna

The number of assistance ranges is growing

The fact that people abroad are more often complicated by various health problems is evidenced by the growing number of assistance interventions. In 2010, Europ Assistance provided assistance in 47 thousand cases, of which 18 thousand were for clients with closed travel insurance. In 2009, less than eight thousand clients sought travel assistance.

And where do the tourists have the biggest problems? Due to the fact that most assistance interventions take place in the summer months, the traditional destinations are Egypt and Greece.

In Egypt, tourists suffer the most from the smell of the tract associated mainly with the quality of drinking water. In Greece, there are more problems with airways, which are related to sudden and repeated changes in temperature due to air conditioning in rooms, restaurants and aircraft.

Typical destinations for tk and light fractures are Italy and Austria. These tourist destinations are sought after for both sports and summer tourism.

Young people risk the most

Although it seems to me that assistance is most often provided to people in exchange, the opposite is true. According to Europ Assistance, the average number of clients will even fall. In 2010, it was around 24 years, which is three years less than in 2009 and five years less than in 2008.

And the first young people are a risk group, which is the least responsible for holiday breeding, often more likely to seek out various sports. “Our company provided the highest percentage of clients to clients aged 20 to 45, 20 percent to children under 18,” adds Stanislav Pibyl, speaking to the company.

In addition, fractures and tissues are among the most expensive risks that can happen abroad. “For example, for a broken leg on vacation in Croatia, the client can spend more than fifty thousand crowns,” confirms Jaroslav Krl from SOB Pojiovny.

In the countries of the European Union, in some situations, you may have an order from a health insurance policyholder, although this cannot be relied on. and naechy.

In some countries – for example in France and Belgium – you even have to pay the largest amount in cash. After returning the house, the health insurance company will reimburse you without any complications.

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