People most charge a fee for choosing to buy from their own here

In the sixth round of the survey on the most absurd bank fee, he increased the selection for money from his own here. This year it was loud, in the second place there was a fee for finding the balance on the ATM.

In the last year, about 55,000 people voted in the polls. More than 28 percent of people are pissing off the fee for withdrawing money from their own here, around 22 percent of voters do not currently pay the fee for finding the balance on the dog. About twenty percent of the vote received a jet charge for inserting a variable symbol into the castle order.

“The result of the survey surprised me this year. I favored the pointless fee for finding the balance at the ATM. For some banks, this cashless operation is more expensive than the withdrawal from an ATM, ”said survey organizer Patrik Nacher from the server.

This year, they voted for each other. It is not possible to vote again on these fees from previous years, but in essence it has increased a similar fee. Last year, the poll won a fee for a deposit on pepce on its own. A record 65,000 people took part in the poll at that time.

“For example, the fee for keeping a mortgage is annoying here, where nothing happens all the time, except for regular installments, and not even children. Even pesto is about 150 and 200 crowns, ”said PatrikNacher.

Bank Fee for vbr on pepce Fee for finding the balance via an ATM (own / elsewhere)
esk spoitelna 65 K free / 20 K
UNDER 60 K 5 free / 9 K
Komern bank 60 K 2,50/10 K
UniCredit Bank 55 K free / free
Raiffeisenbank 60 K2 free / free
GE Money Bank 60 K free / 10 K
Citibank 49 – 3 000 K1 free / not possible
Potovn spoitelna 26 K free / free
mBank 35 K impossible / free
LBBW 55 K free / free
FIO free / 30 K3 free / 9 K4

Source:; Note: 1 From 2 thousand. 49K, of the 5 mil. 300 K, from 20 thousand. 200 K, nad 20 thousand. 3000K; 2 Up to 500 000 K per day, otherwise 60 K + 0.15%; 3 Above 1,000 K / up to 1,000 K; 4 SOB brny are for their own ATMs; 5 The bank collects a fee of 150 K + 0.5 percent for withdrawals via a payment card.

Banks try to ruin absurdly fees, but otherwise. For example, the fee for finding the balance on the dog ATM, which this year placed in the second place banks introduced and in recent years.

The finals made their way to the finals with the same fees as last year. This means that people still get paid for products and services. According to the server, from January 2011 until today we have paid banks in the Czech Republic over fees of over CZK 5,840,7652,900.

Vtzov ze vech ronk ankety
Year Charge
2005 for outgoing payment
2006 for cash withdrawal from own ATM
2007 for led bnho tu
2008 fee for excessive deposit
2009 fee for deposit on pepce on own et
2010 fee for voting on pepce from own here

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