Pensions: not just a ton of suit sweat

It may not always be easy to choose an outgrowth that fulfills the eye. One of the monch een is to hand over a suit with a pension and leave it to the recipient. Penn’s gift bag postrd originality and overshadows the magic of Christmas.

In addition to vouchers, you can also donate some financial products. Don’t take your pension right away, in addition, for this flight, I can drink this gift. For motorists, it can also be a great sign.

Donate a catch sheet

If you do not want to donate a pension in a suit, you can buy the underlying funds of the open-end mutual fund in paper form. The investment company of the company, and with one exception, offer only the fund’s shares in book-entry form, so you get a security that does not exist in paper form. The only fund with which you can submit shares in paper form is Bondinvest Investin of the company esk spoitelny. You will need at least 5000 crowns to buy leaflets. If you want to donate a birthday, we recommend that you consult with the recipient.

This drill is especially mentioned by those who keep a catch sheet for at least two years. The fund invests in bonds of two-sided domestic and foreign issuers. The advantage is that the funds can be valued in the following years, and the donation of a thousandth can be a donation of seven thousand in five years.

What share funds can you invest in?

Account for nejmen

Banking houses offer the establishment of a bank here for children by its final representative. In addition to classic kites, such as toys, sports equipment or clothing, you can also sweat with this unconventional kite. Save the amount, which you can then force to buy goods according to your own name. The advantage is that you can go out during the year to send your pocket money. The first will be able to have a certain financial independence and teach him to manage a limited budget.

Among the advantages of children include, for example, the issuance of a payment card with a set collection limit, the establishment here, its maintenance and the sending of the entry free of charge. Children are also suitable roots. For example, children’s accounts are offered by esk spoitelna, SOB, Komern banka, Potovn spoitelna and Raiffeisenbank.

Bank for the little ones

Nzev: Dtsk account Sln
Vk: 015 let
Platebn map: VISA Elektron BABY
Msn credit card limit: 5006000 K
■ esk spoitelna
Nzev: Junior X konto
Vk: 1015 let
Credit card: Junior Xtra
Weekly payment card limit: 600 K
■ Komern Bank
Nzev: Dtsk konto Beruka
Vk: 015 let
Credit card not available
■ Travel spoitelna
Nzev: Program Mini
Vk: 1215 let
Platebn map: Max map VISA Elektron
Msn payment card limit: l2001500 K
■ Raiffeisenbank
Nzev: Spoc et Velika
Vk: 018 let
Credit card not available

Contribution to own residence

In addition, a building savings contract can be concluded as a gift. This drink will be especially appreciated and at the moment when the recipient begins to find the question of his own home. The contract can be concluded either by the person you will be paying in the coming years, or in the case of minors, the contract can be concluded by his / her representative. In the end of the year (for contracts concluded before 31 December 2006), you have the last chance to receive the state support and up to 3000 crowns.

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