Pensions and trends: the perspective of financial market development in R

It is gradually going to maintain its pensions and take full advantage of not only banks but also other financial institutions. The range of services offered is m dl vt. What next year? What are the trends and prospects of the Czech financial market?

The year 2006 means a firmly positive period for banks in the Czech financial market. The main factor that influences this fact is the good performance of the Czech economy. A stable but highly competitive environment of the financial market allows and on the other hand forces banks to look for the potential for further development and profit in new products, in terms of internal reserves or in a new approach to clients.

What about the Czech banking sector in the first year? The integration of banks will continue, as will the process of innovation and modernization of current products and services. As a result, the shopping bag is moving towards one goal – a satisfied and especially long – term loyal client.

In the dark, the future of banking in the Czech Republic will end on 28-30. November in Prague conference. Its participants will receive new ideas and an overview of trends in the financial market, which is undergoing a constant series of changes.

In the first day Current trends and perspectives of banking partly acquainted with the forecast of the Czech National Bank to the financial market at the national and supranational level as well as the risks of financial stability.

Kind of a day under the name Zaosteno na retail will be carried in the spirit of the client, from several points of view. The magic word is not the product, but the client and what he wants, or how he knows the quality of services.

Corporate banking and SMEs close the conference and answer where to find perspectives for corporate banking. Assess how banks are prepared elite slowed economic growth. He gave a circle of fronts to the developing SME, its products and communication with the SME segment.

Information about the program and the stick can be found at Please enter mail code C0629FIN on the stamp.

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