Pension funds brought clients unexpected profits

The profits of pension funds narrowed last year. Pipisovan valued in 2006 is around 3%, which is only slightly more than inflation. The fund, which has so far been the most highly valued, has disappointed.

Pension funds can be compared according to a number of indicators. He brags about the sweat of his clients or, for example, the volume of disputes he manages. The only indicator that is of the first interest to clients in the long run is evaluated in the written one.

The fund’s profits fell last year
Despite the fact that all pension funds have not yet published a written assessment, from the data and pension results of pension funds published so far, it is clear that 2006 will be a poorer year for clients compared to the previous years.

Behind the year-on-year decline in profits is the shift in the development of the capital market. This affected not only mutual funds, but of course also insurance and pension funds, which are the first to invest most of their clients’ funds in bonds. Clients of pension funds at least have the idea that the funds credit for last year the returns to money market funds and most bond funds.

Generali (3.74%) and ING (3.60%) contributed the most to the pension fund. The worst result is the result of SOB Penzijní fond Progres, which has always attributed the most to clients. In the case of a pension supplement, it is not valued in one year of this year, according to the long-term results. Looking at the average evaluation over the last five years, we find that the differences in the performance of pension funds are not significant.

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This year is developing more positively for pension funds and their clients. The pension funds’ profits rose to 1.4 billion crowns in the first quarter from 1.07 billion in the same period last year. The increase in the profit of pension funds this year is related to the positive development on the stock markets and the calming situation on the bond market. Clients can not hope that the positive development will continue and the revenues for this year will be not for the lot.

Pension fund




2006 (estimate)

2006 (from veejn)

Average for 5 years (estimate)

Alliance PF 3,00% 3,00% 3,00% 3,00% nezv. 3,00%
Axa PF 3,40% 3,10% 3,70% 2,40% nezv. 3,14%
SOB PF Progres 4,30% 5,30% 5,00% 2,00% nezv. 4,38%
SOB PF Established 2,30% 4,30% 4,00% 2,60% nezv. 3,50%
General PF 3,00% 3,00% 3,81% 3,70% 3,74% 3,31%
ING pen his fund 4,00% 2,50% 4,20% 3,60% 3,60% 3,36%
PF esk pojiovny 3,10% 3


3,80% 3,20% 3,30% 3,44%
Pf esk spoitelny 2,60% 3,70% 4,03% 2,60% nezv. 3,33%
PF Komern Bank 3,40% 3,50% 4,00% 2,70% 3,00% 3,48%

Note the estimate is necessary as an evaluation, provided that the fund pipes 85% of the economic result, the actual evaluation may be yours.

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