Pension connection: yes, no? The expert answered online

More and more people still rely only on the state to ensure retirement. Today, her father is a member of the pension. Is a spoen really that appropriate? Veronika Hybov answered online.

The pension fund invests its resources very conservatively in order to achieve a profit in each calendar period. This is because the fund also manages pensions for people who will need them very soon. In the Czech Republic, the evaluation of the pension supplement is “improved” in two ways – by means of a large amount of support and tax levies.

What kind of pension fund can we expect? For whom is the pension available? When are other products suitable? How to data on sttn support and tax levy? Is it possible to motivate your employer to provide a contribution? Can I have only one or more contracts? You have asked these and similar questions here.


Who answered your questions

Veronika Hybov She has been working for Generali penzijní fond for five years in the position of marketing and product manager, specializing in corporate business. She graduated from VO and is currently completing her distance at VFS. In his free time he likes to take photos and play sports.

General pension fund has been providing supplementary pensions since 1995. Since its inception, it has been the sole shareholder in Generali Holding Vienna AG, a group of world generators of the Generali Group, which was founded in 1831 in Trieste, Italy. Since August 2006, it has been the sole share of the Generali Pojiovna fund.

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