Pedasn retirement: more rest for my pension

If you are deciding whether to retire, you will not forget that you will always EARN MONEY. And that about thousands of msn.

Do you read tired, but don’t have to go back to retirement? Or do you miss the threat before retirement and do not want to go around the board for work? Think about a temporary retirement. The basic condition is that you have been connected for at least 25 years of retirement to Alena Frakov from the Czech Social Security Administration.

In practice, this means that during this time you have been employed or socially engaged as a self-employed person. If you have been connected in this way for at least 365 days, the so-called reimbursement periods of insurance, such as study and care for children up to 4 years, will be included in the required 25 years. In order to join the early retirement, I must not have more than three years left until that date (see How Many Do You Retire).

There is a salary for two pensions
The opportunity to go for a well-deserved rest two not in the bottom term is of course not free for the time that will be left until retirement age, with a total pension. And in vtin ppad permanently. In other words: if you decide to draw two from your retirement benefit, it is not specified, you will receive less for the entire period of your pension.

In each case, even 90 days from the time when the early retirement is good, and until the day when the retirement age is completed, the percentage of the retirement rate decreases by 0.9 percent of the deposit base, describes Alena Frakov. A specific calculation in retirement is a complex mathematical operation performed by the Czech language security provider.

Special area: how to richly retire

Alena Frakov bag dv pklad. Josef worked for 40 years and would have the right to retire in the age of 8770. If he retires to the early retirement three years (ie 13 zapoatch devadestidennch period) two, his retirement will increase by 1404 K to 7366 K. After reaching retirement age, his pensions in nezv; will only continue to increase regular valorization as well as others.

Pivdlek is limited
The pension for which Josef was prepared, because he retired in three years, in more than 16,800 crowns. In ten years it is almost 170 thousand. He realized it late and decided to go back to work.

Due to the fact that old-age pensioners have no limited possibility of a loan and can work full time for you in addition to the pension (provided that they always have an employment contract for a definite period, for a maximum of one year, but it can be extended arbitrarily). Do you pay for a pedestrian pension? Neplat. It will not be paid until you reach retirement age if you carry out a self-employed activity to the extent that you base your retirement insurance as a result.

It is mainly a classic employment contract and business. On the contrary, you can spend money on an agreement to do the work. In the case of an agreement on employment, the situation is complicated, especially on the extent to which such work is difficult and systematic. Contact the district security department for details.

The pension can be peruit
Only a temporary retirement is offered, you will return to work and for the next few years, when the employer will pay the pension for everything, you will increase your retirement in the future. Can this variant be recommended? It is possible, but it is not always true that this is how the future can be welcomed in this way, to the first Vladimir Voek from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

This problem is so complicated that it is not easy to generalize. That is why you should always consult about it in the district administration of social security in the city of your permanent residence. Take the so-called personal pension insurance letter with you, which is based on the decision on the pension. In the specific case, the assessment of the first social security assessment and recommendation recommended the procedure.

Invalid maj vjimku
My writing rules apply to people who retire from a disability pension to an early retirement pension. Tm se penze sn jen doasn. On the day they reach the age of retirement, they will rise to an unbridled level.

This applies to the wall of disabled pensioners if they leave for early retirement and two years before retirement age. People who have received a fully invalidity pension for at least five years and their entitlement to it has expired can join the early retirement under these conditions, if they do not reach the retirement age for more than five years, to Alena Frakov.

However, it is essential that in the first case the citizen reaches the age of two years, not his retirement age, and in the second case the age of five years, not his retirement age, before January 1, 2007, Vladimír Voek emphasizes. For young ronky, this benefit was abolished.

How many to retire
The basis for vpoet is 60 years and 57 years. If a woman has raised 1 or 2 children, she will take a year. If 3 or 4 children, the basis for vpoet is 54 years, for more children 53 years. To find out when you retire, drink 2 msce (s) and 4 msce (s) for each (year) one year after December 31, 1995 until these limits are reached. So if he is 60 on January 1, 2008, he will receive 26 msc in 13 years and will retire at 62 and two mscch. The same old woman, who raised five children, reached retirement age at 55 years (53 years + 24 msc).

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