Pbh tene: Sttn disputes took his job, he has no support or sickness

Petr is in Prague and for a year he looks for work. This is the previous time due to sttnm krtm. You are in dispute. On their own, even if the employer is old for many. Msn answers on two hundred advertisements, gets fifteen answers.

The work that Petr was playing about entertained him. He cared a lot about her, before that he was unemployed for a year. “I was in your office for you until eight o’clock in the evening. Work is very important for me, ”says the family, not even the family. You have to rely on yourself and your income.

Unemployment benefit is not eligible

The project he started working on had to slow down last year due to ongoing disputes. He was released in tmsn zkuebn lht. Opt el to ad prce. “I’ll be there like a tooth,” he said. He found that the EU was not eligible for unemployment benefits. In recent years, he has exhausted all the support for the city, and the job he fought for was to last at least half a year.

He got sick after about six weeks. Chipka turned into a soft lung burn, took antibiotics and poured two months. He was not in need of a sickness bag. He would only get it if he fell ill within seven days of leaving the job (more about the sick two here).

“When you realize that you will get into such a situation in fifty, it’s just. If I don’t pay the tax, he behaved badly and you know the wrong person, then I’ll wait for the time, I’m worth it. But when you behave in the sun and suddenly you get into existing sweats, it’s just. ”

It is possible to find a job for a forger in Prague

from the last remnant of his disputes and with the support of his friends. From the state, at least a contribution to living and living. He applied for this help in material need, and after his recovery, he could not walk with high heat in rows. However, he was not entitled to this help again.

Finding hard work at his age is not easy even in Prague, where he lives. This is despite the fact that he developed a distance in retraining courses and experience as a project manager and specialist in information systems. “Even though people think that it is easier to find a job in Prague than elsewhere, it’s hard at all ages.”

As a number, the employer gives two preferences to young people with degrees not to an experienced counterfeiter, who only has a secondary education. “Nowhere do they say that. As a rule, ask: do you mind that you will work in a young team, that your co-workers will be twenty years old? ”

Only a fraction of the employer will answer him

Petr responds to about two hundred advertisements, the back response is barely fifteen, including twenty. “Sometimes it’s tired and hard. You have a sense of futility. You respond to the offer, work with the sent CV that you want, and then don’t be worth much. ”

In the answers that come, we usually say: we have vs in the list, if something is released, we will contact vs. “I’m not old, not even for a penny, even if my beard is gray. I think that in this age you have at least another fifteen years of companies. “

While looking for work, he encountered various offers, some of which, according to him, were beyond the bounds of decency. “During the interview, you were told: You will work with us for 14 days and if we agree, we will pay you. When not, it’s as if you weren’t here. It is paradoxical that someone demands a penny for giving me work. ”

Brigda je jen krtkodob a problem

Even though it is about employment, half of the offers find that after them the employer wants him to share a trade license, due to the varsystem and that his pocket pays social and health insurance. In some of the interviews, he also encountered discriminated personal questions, which a professional HR specialist must not ask for (more about discrimination during a job interview here).

He will receive the most confusing answers, the lower his self-confidence. ”For you, a year without work is extremely difficult, not only financially, but ipsychically. A number of people think that you have your feet on the table and do nothing. Aletak tonen. An active view of the city is a full-time job. ”

I know some of his advice: When he doesn’t work, go to the brigade to unload you wagons. Pivdlku does not shake, after burning the lungs at the lake fit. But it is mainly about the job table with a regular income. “In order for a hunter who is completely smiled to be able to pay in Prague, living expenses, food and give necessities, he needs to pay at least twenty thousand msn,” k.

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