Pbh: Ruil znmmu na pjku, te mu threat of execution

We can help someone to help him. Sometimes we come out expensive. If you continue to meet this loan, we will be afraid that we will lose our roof over our heads. How about svd pbh nae tene.

About a year ago, Mr. Jaroslav was handed over by his acquaintance to give him a guarantor. He had no doubt, basically he only took it as a formality. Ptel was busy and had a lot of sunshine. Jaroslav therefore undertook to ruen and was convinced that dlunk dn splc.

After a year, however, he wrote a letter from the extortion agency: “Within ten days, you will pay a hundred 287 thousand crowns.” What happened? Mr. Jaroslav’s friend had completed the day for about half a year, but then he got into financial trouble. gave the bank a dream splendor, only failed. And so he began to pay her not agreed installments, he did not have anything.

The bank bombed her with reminders, and when she failed, she handed over the receivable for extortion. And vymahask agency called to pay the debt of the first guarantor. “Pipad nefr did not tell me that the bank did not inform two. I don’t have that much, I’m afraid the executor will knock on my door. How to get out of this situation? ” Mr. Jaroslav asked.

The bank does not have to inform the guarantor about the default of the debt

“The bank is not obliged to inform the guarantor that the debt will not be met,” said Pavel Nastis, a lawyer. It is also in the tax if the bank sold the receivable to another entity (company extortion), which will now collect the receivable. “In 99 percent of credit agreements, it is agreed that if the debt does not meet the loan of the day and you, the total unpaid credit will be repaid,” adds the lawyer.

In other words, the bank did not make any mistakes and today it is really Mr. Jaroslav’s duty as a guarantor of customs duties to pay the debt. Jene nem z eho. He wanted to get his pension, but in connection with this problem, it is listed in the long-term register. dn bank therefore not him.

“The only thing I can recommend is to arrange a spltkch with the vendor,” Nastis advised. However, if Mr. Jaroslav does not agree with the creditor and he seals it, Jaroslav will certainly lose the lawsuit and the debt will be subsequently enforced. “The executor will then be able to confiscate Mr. Jaroslav’s property in the evening, including dm, for example,” warns the lawyer. Anyway, if Jaroslav pays the debt for the debt, then I should first collect this debt after the debt.

Ani osobn bankrupt nen a

“In this particular case, the god will not be separated,” adds the first. Separate, layman personal bankruptcy, is only if Mr. Jaroslav was in bankruptcy, ie if he had a small creditor (at least two) and would meet all the final assumptions, for example, debts are not enough from the business and regular income from employment. pomru.

“In the event of personal bankruptcy, the debtor must be able to pay the amount of money he may have left, the remuneration of the insolvency administrator and at least 30% of the debt within five years,” explains Nastis.

Mr. Jaroslav, as a guarantor, got into other sweats, for example, in that today he does not drink the bank today. And he was just about to take out a mortgage to buy his own home. But the whole debt is not paid, I have a bad deal. “It’s a bitter experience for me: how to be good on ebrot. I hope that at least it will be a warning to others, ”sums up his pbh neastn mu.

If you are currently considering giving someone a loan, it is advisable to follow the advice of the advisers of the civic association dTest:

  • The guarantee bond is not a formality, in case the debtor will not be able to meet, pay the entire debt for it.
  • Thoroughly in the invitation, take a person who is responsible for the guarantee, at least from the insolvency register and the record of executions.
  • Even a friend and even a family member quite often become an enemy, if you find yourself in foreclosure because of him, it is up to you to take this risk and not to refuse such a person for reasons of refusal to understand.
  • Realize that in the event of a guarantee, you need to have as many pensions as the long-term borrowers, plus some extra reserve, for example, at the castle of contractual fines, contract years, year of delay and other costs associated with the exchange, which represents the amount of money and more than half original debt.
  • The bank is not obliged to inform you that the debt is not fulfilled, but as a guarantor you must first inform the creditor whether the debt is fulfilled. Definitely use this opportunity.
  • If the debt is not met, you will also be listed in the debt register as a guarantor, which means that the bank will not pay and you will have other problems on the market, even when arranging a phone call.
  • In case of problems, first of all you are agreeing to an agreement with the creditor and remember that the fact that you are “only the guarantor” means nothing and as long as the main debt, so you have to act.
  • If you pay the debt to the creditor instead of the debt, issue a certificate from the creditor and all the documents so that you can subsequently recover the pension from the main debtor. The creditor is obliged to submit these documents to him and to provide him with full cooperation.

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