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Take a spring inventory of your assets and insurance contracts. The insurance policies of an apartment, house, cottage or chalet, which has been at home for three or more years, are old and inconvenient at times. But I also betray the insurance you took out a year ago.

Apartment, house and weekend housing insurance, you need to adjust the case when the value of your property increases by at least ten percent. Otherwise the threat is drunk.

Distinguish between building fuse and household fuse

The reason for updating the construction insurance policy is in any case in the construction rights, you replace the old windows, a new pool for the cottage or bathroom renovation. If you buy new furniture, expensive electronics, bikes and more, don’t forget to update the household insurance policy as well.

However, the value of property is also increasing with rising prices and increasing VAT. It is therefore a good idea to update the apartment and house construction insurance and the household insurance every three years, even if you are investing in housing. Otherwise, you run the risk that the insurance company will pay a small pension and the known cost of restoring the planned or unloaded housing will come out of your pocket.

How much is it

They are always bad at vs how you perceive your property

When updating the fuses, the key is to correctly estimate the value of the building itself and all the things that the household is equipped with. Although the connecting agent recommends a certain amount of it and there is also an oriente calculation, it is decided to what extent its assets are, but it is always up to you.

According to the insurers, there is often a mistake in the fact that the owners of an apartment, house, cottage or chalet mistakenly state the value of the building instead of estimating the price. Or forget to pipette next to a building such as a gar, dlna or pool. It is good to know that for some binders it is possible to insure such a garden, including ornamental centers, such as a fence, a pond and a perennial.

When insuring a household with a main or weekend residence, keep in mind that you need to include whatever value in your insurance policy. According to the couple, however, things that are stored in the garage or in the cellar, some valuables, sports equipment and clothing are often forgotten. It is therefore worthwhile to make an inventory of assets, including all valuables or any collections, and submit photo documentation so that you have proof of everything you have (everything here).

Reduce the price of the insurance with discounts and co-payments

When renewing the insurance, ask whether your property is exposed to risks and whether you have set all insurance limits in time. Now I invite you to risk your heart. For example, the variability of weather and heavy rain can be caused by the call of property codes in areas where this risk was two very low.

You also invite which part to choose. If you decide to co-participate, the insurance will reduce my price by pt and twenty percent. For zero co-payments, when all small codes are coupled together, the fuse is expensive. According to the information insured, property insurance usually includes a co-payment of one and two thousand crowns.

The price of insurance can be sharply reduced by various discounts, for example for a trouble-free course or investment in new changes and security features, which protect your home from thieves. Some binders are cheaper even if you have more fuses and you are connected to the connection. On the contrary, other insurance companies will also provide an interesting bonus to new clients. So don’t be afraid to ask for discounts.

Liability insurance and domc assistance are uiten

When updating the contract, the insurance company can thus offer a liability insurance, which usually applies to the whole family. There is a situation where you or your children cause the code even for plates of thousands of crowns, you will break the tracks or goods in the store (more here).

Some insurance companies will provide a 24-hour assistance service to the household insurance completely free of charge or for an additional fee, to which a number of specialists and repair companies are connected. On request, the connection company usually arranges two or three interventions per year, for example, opening of slammed two, repair of a cracked water pipe, clogged waste and replacement of glass in a broken window.

When agreeing on new insurance conditions, the insurance company may propose that the insurance policy automatically increase by inflation. It is a tool that looks at the growth of prices for the village and is a good idea to follow if you are not going to invest in your home in the coming years. At the same time, there is no need to worry about regularly updating the fuse.

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