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Participant in the shooting in Moscow City called on the blonde prosecutor not to pester

The main person involved in the shooting in the Moscow City complex – two-time world kickboxing champion Magomed Ismailov (aka Cobra) – testified in the Presnensky court on Wednesday, September 23. The defendant, answering the questions of his lawyers, told in detail what preceded the brutal fight between the guard of businessman Gabriel Yushvaev and the employees of the Russian Guard at the anniversary of another businessman, Dmitry Pavlov. At the same time, he flatly refused to answer the questions of the prosecutor Maria Semenenko, known for her harsh tactics of work in the processes. At some point, when the prosecutor insisted, the defendant, smiling, asked the blonde in high heels “not to pester”.

World kickboxing champion Ismailov testified in the Presnensky court and did not answer any question from the state prosecutor

The entire meeting was devoted to the interrogation of the main person involved in the case, the owner of the sports club “Scorpio” Magomed Ismailov. The defendant began with the main thing:

-I don’t admit myself guilty. I did not do anything that I am accused of: I had no weapons, I did not insult, I did not hooligan. I myself miraculously survived. Khamidov saved me (Eduard Khamidov was Ismailov’s bodyguard and now he is also involved in the criminal case – approx. ed.). Commands “Shoot!” did not give, the weapon from Yakobson (Arthur Yakobson is an employee of Rosgvardia, who guarded the hero of the day Dmitry Pavlov and was originally considered the instigator of the fight – approx. ed.) did not kidnap and did not transfer to anyone.

Then Ismailov said that on November 17, 2017, he came to the anniversary of Dmitry Pavlov together with his close friend Yushvaev. He, by the way, previously participated in the opening of the sports club “Scorpio” and generally “helped in every possible way” when Ismailov was professionally involved in sports. Yushvaev’s car parked in its place at the Oko tower, standing firmly at the curb. Ismailov stressed that Yushvaev, as the owner of the building, was assigned his personal place on the parking lot. The men were met by one of the hero’s guards. It is noteworthy that at that moment there were no questions about parking the car. On the 4th floor, where the banquet was going on, the guests sat down at their table. Ismailov did not drink alcohol. An hour later, at about 21.00, he went out into the street to “talk to a friend”, to call his wife Ekaterina. After that, he saw how one of the guards, who was distinguished by his bald head, approached Yushvaev’s car and began talking in raised tones with the driver. Ismailov decided to intervene:

-I spoke without aggression. Why be aggressive? I didn’t want to show aggression. I just came to find out what’s going on. But the guard was already “charged” – he was talking without following his speech, – said the defendant, noting that the interlocutor did not seem sober to him. -I began to explain to him that I had arrived with my friend, he is the owner of the Oko tower. His car does not bother anyone, this is her place.

According to Ismailov, at some point unknown people in camouflage uniforms entered the conversation “off topic” and in the conflict “began to live their own separate life”.

-We talked. Two wedged in. They had nothing to do with us anymore. Then I said that there was no need to gather here – and everyone dispersed.

Then, realizing that the “bald one” was in charge, Ismailov put his arm around his shoulders and led him into the hall to “amicably resolve the situation.”

-I came for my birthday. This whole situation – security guards, parking, a car – I didn’t need. I wanted to remove the “crowd factor,” Ismailov said, adding that after two minutes of conversation, it seemed to him that the conflict was resolved. – When we approached the elevator, it seemed that the conflict was over. And suddenly the door opens, and two or three people of Slavic appearance come out, already “charged”. One gets out and immediately reloads the pistol. It was Titarenko, as is already known (Kirill Titarenko – the hero of the hero of the day, participated in a shootout and was wounded in the head – approx. ed.) … Then the conversation started with the collision. I saw a weapon, and it greatly angered me. I then said to him “What are you, machine gunner? Why are you getting your weapon? ” To which he pointed the gun straight at me.

The defendant noted that he did not give anyone the command to “get our weapons”, as some witnesses heard.

-After the shot, I instinctively jumped back and, bouncing, fell. Shooting began. I felt that someone was leaning on me, it was Khamidov. And his wounds from the back – these bullets were intended for me, – explained the defendant.

Recovering himself, Ismailov ran out of the building and walked down the street to another entrance. From there I went up to the floor where Valdis Pelsh and the artists of the circus “Du Soleil” used to cheer the guests. Now chaos reigned there – shots were heard, the guests panicked, ran to the exit, someone shouted “killed the riot policeman.” On the 4th floor, Ismailov sat out the shooting behind the curtain, and then came out of hiding and left. And the next day, having learned from the media that the case had a resonance, he himself appeared at 38 Petrovka.

– Nobody put me on the wanted list. I thought that I would be interrogated as a witness and released. But I was detained, and I did not give detailed evidence, ”Ismailov said.

He also noted that Cobra is not a nickname, as the prosecutor earlier put it, but a sports nickname.

-This is ring hiring. I entered the ring with this nickname, as the coach called me, – explained Ismailov.

Then the prosecutor Maria Semenenko proceeded to interrogate the accused. However, as such, the interrogation did not work out – even at the first sessions, Ismailov announced a boycott to the prosecutor. And this time the defendant said that “he would not answer Maria Eduardovna’s questions,” because the investigation “sewed up his case with white thread.” The accused sat down on the bench, and the prosecutor began to read out her questions:

“Please tell me if you don’t know the people who approached the parking lot, then why did they listen to you when you told everyone to disperse?”

“If people and you didn’t have weapons, then how can you explain the presence of 15 cartridges and 8 bullets from different weapons?”

“Tell me, please, if Khamidov defended you, then why did he go to the 4th floor after that?”

“Khamidov, who blocked you with his body, was he alone? Or were there still his acquaintances with him? “

“When Khamidov went to the 4th floor, why did he go there? Did his acquaintances go to the 4th floor? “

“Tell me, please, did you say the phrase“ We are not guests here, we are the hosts here ”?

“Tell me, please, when you came to Petrovka 38, what surname did you introduce yourself?”

This interrogation continued for another 10 minutes. The prosecutor received not a single answer to all 20 questions.

– Tell me, please, how do you explain the fact that wherever you appear, shooting starts everywhere – on the first floor, on the fourth? The blonde prosecutor finally asked her last question.

-Do not bother me, Maria Eduardovna. I’ve already said everything, – the defendant replied smiling.

Recall that the shootout in Moscow City took place on November 17, 2017. On that day, the authoritative businessman Dmitry Pavlov (Pavlik) celebrated his anniversary in the restaurant of the Oko Tower. Among the friends of the hero of the day were thieves in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan), Sergei Aksyonov (Aksen Izmailovsky).

The cause of the conflict was a banal quarrel. The car of one of the guests – Gabriel Yushvaev – blocked the entrance to the building. As a result, a skirmish took place between Yushvaev’s guards and Pavlik’s guards hired for the evening, which grew into a real state of emergency. As a result, one person died and five were injured. Among the victims were Dmitry Yakobson, an employee of the special forces center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Okhrana” of the Russian Guard, as well as Kirill Titarenko, who were guarding the hero of the day (he received a bullet in the back of the head), and Platon Koida (died at home four days later due to a detached blood clot).

Most of Yushvaev’s guards, like himself, fled abroad.