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The State Duma decided to introduce a single enrollment in kindergarten

Government amendments to the law “On Education” on a unified organizational and technical basis for enrolling children in kindergartens on an electronic basis passed the first reading in the State Duma on November 12. Parliamentarians hope that this will help to make the process of allocating places in preschool institutions transparent.

But this will not make it more transparent

As noted in the explanatory note to the bill, electronic queues will function at the level of regional information systems. The main advantage of this technology for parents is that they will be informed in time about how their child has moved to the cherished place in the kindergarten. If, for some reason, the sequence of seat allocation changes, the system will have to report this as well.

The information system will record data about children put on the waiting list, about kindergartens, as well as the results of considering applications for a place and children who are already attending a preschool institution.

“This will increase the responsibility of bodies and organizations authorized to enter information into these information systems, ensure uniformity of mechanisms for recording data on children who need a place in educational institutions implementing educational programs for preschool education,” the explanatory note says.

The electronic queue will not become synonymous with transparency, experts say. The main problem, as always, is in the language invented by officials.

As Kirill Druzhinin, an expert of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on social policy, labor relations and quality of life, explained, far from all children who actually stand in it are taken into account in the queue for a place in kindergarten.

– There is a letter from the Ministry of Education and Science, which says that only those children who entered it for the first time are taken into account in the queue for a place in kindergarten, – explained Druzhinin, – If for some reason the parents refused the place in the garden offered to them, they are transferred to the next year and are not taken into account in the queue, but transferred to the category of “deferred demand”.

Children who have been allocated a place in a kindergarten far from home regularly get into “deferred demand”. They are not taken into account in the statistics of waiting lists after refusal, which means that the shortage of places in preschool institutions, if there is, is insignificant – much less than in reality. At the same time, children with temporary registration at the place of residence are also not included in the waiting list statistics.

– In Kirov alone, 34 parents have now filed a lawsuit against the city administration because of the provision of places in gardens 50 kilometers from home. This trend is observed in all regions. New residential complexes are built without taking into account the standards, even if the developer takes on the burden of building social infrastructure facilities. According to the standards, there should be 65 places in the garden per thousand inhabitants. In fact, it most often happens that a kindergarten for 250 children is being built in a residential complex for seven thousand people, – said Druzhinin.

Experts’ fears are confirmed by Rosstat figures. According to the department’s estimates, over the past four years, the number of preschool childcare facilities has decreased: 47.8 thousand kindergartens in 2018 against 51 thousand in 2014. At the same time, the number of pupils increased from 6,813 in 2014 to 7,582 at the end of last year.

“The dumb humor of the Cross is a mirror”

Humor is serious, but humor is bad. For humor and can kill, we know. Laugh, but be careful: what if you offend someone’s sacred feelings. Believers will not forgive you for this.

Laugh but be careful

Stand-up artist Alexander Dolgopolov fled Russia. Perhaps, in his jokes, he confused the Fatherland and Your Excellency, but in general, he insulted everyone he could, and on the denunciation of a vigilant citizen they already wanted to take him red-handed (and what did the stand-up artist have?), But did not have time. That’s what humor is.

Humor is different. There is Urgant’s humor … Beware, Orthodox Christians, the joke of this Jew, well, yes, Vanya is a cutie, he will always apologize, tea is not out of malice, but out of the kindness of his soul.

There is KVN humor … Licked, sleek, plastic – none.

There is humor “Comedy Club”. These former kaveenschikov have been in the system for a long time, they are built in for the most part. And what, people earn money, such a job. But they are also talented! Not all, but some. And when no one sees (on TV), they post on YouTube such bright, savory, political crusts, they laugh so coolly at the authorities. But they always know when to say “stop” to themselves, they perfectly understand where the “double line” is.

Danila Poperechny.Photo: Still from video

There is the clever humor of Maxim Galkin, also such oppositional and loyal. Well, really, it is difficult to seriously destroy with laughter the most important Servant of the people (he is not Zelensky, he is different) when you have a six-story castle in the village of Gryazi.

There is the humor of Zhvanetsky, the favorite humor of the unfinished Soviet intelligentsia.

There is the humor of Evgeny Petrosyan. No comment.

There is the humor of “Charlie Hebdo”. Bright memory.

And there are stand adapters. Yes, now they are. It is considered terribly fashionable: I go out alone … and babble whatever my heart desires. It must be funny … It must be. Now they are being called to the box. Those who go and show themselves are at great risk. They discredit the profession.

Then the best stand-up of all times and peoples was Arkady Raikin. And Gennady Khazanov and Yan Arlazorov. But they read other people’s texts, and these, new, their own. Better to be silent. So untalented, so toothless. Who sent you?

But there is a political stand-up. This will never be shown on TV. Danila Poperechny stands on the stage and covers Russian politics with the last words. Only, except for the last words, there is nothing at all, no mind, no fantasy. Only one flat hitting. But the stadium is full of spectators – and everyone laughs. Why are you laughing?

Alexander Dolgopolov.Photo: Still from video

The dumb humor of the Cross is a mirror. Compass, by which you can determine the exit path, request from below. Zhvanetsky with his half-hints, encrypted revelations polished to a shine, are no longer needed by new viewers. They need a mat against the authorities, they are dragged away from it. No taste, no style, no humor – only one stupid mat.

This audience is looking for something that TV is completely devoid of. The blue screen only broadcasts sterile political jokes, tested in all locations. And the authorities laugh, it is easy and pleasant for them. The blue screen creates a great illusion of an indestructible connection between “communists and non-party”, people and government.

In fact, this sticky, made-up life is very fragile. “Come out to the Volga, whose groan is heard?” This world was not invented by us, this world was not invented by me.

A man completely devoid of a sense of humor by the name of Poperechny collects cue balls and sold out houses because of the cowardice of television, because of the fear of big bosses to be funny. And the people themselves, former or potential spectators, run from the box as from a leper. Such cowardice of the mighty of this world causes only anger and hidden protest. A transverse only an excuse, a detail, but if suddenly something goes wrong in Russia, those who do not know how and are afraid to laugh at themselves will be to blame. Bestial seriousness in politics will bring the country to the zugunder.

He’s a monument!

If he’s 60, how old are you? If he could, why couldn’t you? If he’s lucky, why are you …? Because he is Parfenov.

Leonid Parfenov.Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

You have to build yourself up in such a way that you can enter the pocket precisely, subtly, stylishly! According to Senka and a hat, a uniform according to his height. He made himself, like a simple self-made man. He owes nothing to anyone, he is walking by himself, not leaning against anyone except wine sponsors, but this is already so, a harsh feature of our time.

He alone did so much on TV that he could easily found a channel named after himself, his beloved, and twist and twist his masterpieces endlessly and without edge. Well, against the background of the current television emptiness, any Parfenov’s film, any of his “The other days” seem to be unconquered Everest, and he himself is Gulliver.

He understood better than anyone all the power and possibilities of television, the magic of pictures, a special unique voice-over text and, again, himself, a beacon on the screen. All this is waving hands, shagistika is just a form, a synonym for movement, light breathing, tempo rhythm. For Parfenov, the whole point is in strength and harmony, it is through such a magical combination, mixed, synthesis that meaning is transmitted. He has nothing edifying, mentoring, no “do as I do.” Whoever wants and can do it, here is Pivovarov, for example, a Parfenov clone. But go again and again.

Parfenov always subtly checks his public manifestation: there should not be too much of it, there should never be too little of it. His speech at the only Listyev Prize (the only one just because of this speech) has already become historical, exemplary and extremely worthy. I ask you to revise the work of this Master, get incredible pleasure.

… It turned out to be some kind of eulogy, even an epitaph. But alive, alive, you know!

He escaped the TV and did the right thing. Why does Parfenov need TV, why does Parfenov’s TV? Go to YouTube and you will see a miracle there. I’m not exaggerating: the sequel to “The other day 1946-1960.” – the highest level.

Parfenov is Forev, that’s all.

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The danger of black bread is revealed

Nutritionists have stated that black bread is dangerous for people with diabetes. There are too many additives in it that can cause a spike in blood sugar. Writes about this Express. In addition, not too responsible producers can disguise wheat bread under rye with the help of dyes. Therefore, doctors recommend carefully studying the composition of the product on the package.

Nutritionists have banned diabetics from eating rye bread

Nutritionists have stated that black bread is dangerous for people with diabetes. There are too many additives in it that can cause a spike in blood sugar. Writes about this Express. In addition, not too responsible producers can disguise wheat bread under rye with the help of dyes. Therefore, doctors recommend carefully studying the composition of the product on the package.

Previously, doctors recommended rye bread for diabetics as an alternative to a wheat loaf. Wheat has too high a glycemic index (the relative level of carbohydrates in the food) and can cause a sharp rise in sugar in diabetics. Now nutritionists claim that the optimal use of whole grains – quinoa, bulgur, rye, buckwheat, barley, brown rice. These foods contain not only complex carbohydrates, which help to avoid sharp fluctuations in blood sugar, but also fiber. It regulates the activity of the intestines and thus helps the entire body.

In addition, British doctors recommend compulsory physical activity for diabetes. This is not a specific sport. Each person should choose what suits him best. But being active is a prerequisite for wellness in diabetes.

It will be very easy to write off or use a hint at a distant session

It is already obvious that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the autumn session at universities, like the previous spring session, will also be held online. As the teachers told us on condition of anonymity, they are preparing ahead of time for large expenditures on the purchase of hardware, software and platforms necessary for remote admission of exams, and also anticipate blunders in student responses that have arisen due to cheating and prompts.

Who are Herzon and Odarev

Exam exam, of course, strife. For example, exams in special courses and other subjects of specialization for senior students are easy: there are not so many who pass, and all of them are known to the department as flaky. So everything, according to the teachers, here everything is done “without children’s tricks and evasions.”

A different matter is exams in the so-called general courses, which are listened to by all students, but only a dozen of them from a stream of 120-150 people are needed for future specialization. Such a course is usually taken by a lecturer who not only does not even vaguely represent the potential of each student, but the vast majority of students do not know by sight. This is where the fun begins.

According to the rules, before the online exam, the student, of course, presents a document confirming his identity. For example, a student card. But the quality of the connection does not allow us to identify with certainty who entered the exam. And this creates the basis for a variety of combinations, such as the formation of a pool of “specialists” to pass one or another exam. Students, whatever one may say, are smart people, moreover, they are distinguished by a heightened sense of mutual assistance.

Another session life hack is cheating, the possibilities of which online mode, of course, almost tenfold. How the half-hour preparation for the answers to the ticket is going, teachers often do not see. Yes, this, in truth, is not so important, because later, when answering, the examiner sees only the student’s face and part of the table. What lies (or who stands, sits) on the side of the computer, no one except the examinee knows. And it can be anything – from a tablet with an answer to the corresponding request on the Internet, to a prompter competent in the question that has fallen out.

True, with oral answers, an experienced teacher will easily catch the student cheating or prompting: just a couple of questions about the course – and it’s in the bag. But written tests are another matter. Moreover, a number of universities officially allow you to take exams (and not current, but even additional entrance tests) … with headphones! And such a fortune, you see, is a sin not to use it. And many do use it.

Who, for example, in your opinion, are Herzon and Odarev mentioned in one of the examination papers? Hedgehog is clear: Herzen and Ogarev, it’s just that the author of the answer heard the “specialist” prompt in the headphones. And how to explain the statement in another work that “Zinovye and Kamenev have lost their tails?” It’s very simple: they dictated not “tails”, but “posts”, and the person misheard even in the simplicity of his soul, or, perhaps, in the heat of the examination fervor, without thinking, and blurted out in response, as he imagined.

You can laugh at student jokes as much as you like. But the fact that the teachers were thrown into the session, like into a loophole, without any support, is not at all funny. Neither connection to paid platforms, allowing long and high-quality communication with students online, nor payment for Internet traffic, much less providing computers with all the necessary bells and whistles, such as video cameras – the teachers received none of this! They promised to help only in one case. True, they refused to issue a computer for the duration of the session. But from their generosity they promised to bring a package of buckwheat or toilet paper. And this is an unprecedented case of the university’s desire to help its teacher.

“In general, distance education is such a sluggish catastrophe,” summed up the co-chairman of the University Solidarity trade union, Andronik Arutyunov. – The assimilation of information by students has dropped significantly, the quality of education has correspondingly collapsed to the bottom. It is a waste of time to conduct a session in such conditions: it is clear that the level of students’ understanding of the material will be extremely low. There are several problems at once. First, these are the fundamental limitations of the format of distance education itself. It is simply impossible to tell many things like that. Secondly, distance learning requires a completely different format of training by teachers, and very specific skills. Teachers often simply do not possess such skills, and even without that, having an exorbitant workload, starting to spend 1.5-2 times more time on preparing for classes does not at all contribute to improving the quality of teaching. Thirdly, many teachers are simply not provided with the necessary equipment: a tablet, a webcam, light, high-quality Internet. Well, those who are provided for – mainly at their own expense. In general, you need to be aware that today’s students, especially first-year students, will have an education much lower than our average (already not brilliant) level.