Our relations with other investors are strained, only to Ondej Barto from D-Day

Every week, offer Ondej Barto the participants of the Day D program to invest in their project first. He then chose, for example, the online store shopguru.cz or Japanese poplars. In an online interview, we learned that Tomi Okamura would go shopping for Asian food and that Michael Rostock would go on holiday.

Ondej Barto started his business in 1996, when he was riding a high bike. He spent his first million while studying at VE. Until December 2008, he worked as an investment director at MCI Management. At the end of last year, he co-founded a company that is swapping investments in start-up companies, especially in the field of technology. In 2009, he became one of the investors in the D-Day program.

The interesting thing is that we have invested 1.5 million crowns in the devn autodrhy Slotcar.cz.

What is D-Day

On January 5, esk televize started sending the second series of the D-Day program, in which you can get a pension for a business idea. I am interested in investors with an amount from 200 thousand to 1.5 million crowns. Investors can then, but do not have to invest in the case.

The type of ada m opt 13 dl and in which the bird of the applicant rises. The applicant will tell you how much pension you need and how to offer it. The amount that the “entrepreneur” asks for is unchanged, but the investor can negotiate the share. Investors are investing in their own pension projects. You can find the rules HERE.

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