Opika was on the stock exchange not reputable investment funds

The stock market is fickle. This follows at least from an experiment carried out by the Russian pub magazine Finans. The authors of the experiment left the circus monkey to choose the balk action. Zvtko played 94 percent hr on the stock market.

A year ago, Opika Lukerija from a theater in Moscow, in the presence of her teacher and nine financial experts, chose eight of the 30 cubes representing the stock offer on the stock exchange. A virtual million ruble (about 600 thousand crowns) was distributed among them. Another 12 msc editors of the magazine watched how the “investments” on the Moscow stock exchanges RTS and MMVB could be done.

Opika pekonala skoro vechny

While stock market indices rose 103 percent between December 15, 2008 and December 15, 2009, Lukerija’s “action” rose by a full 194 percent. Only 18 of the 312 investment funds managed to outperform the monkey, so 94 percent of the game played on the stock market.

According to experts, the monkey had an extraordinary hand with the selection of the Sbrbank savings bank, while the growth in other items was “in a reasonable range”. The question is how Lukerija would turn out if she did not deal with experts, but 312 other monkeys. Years ago, a similar experiment took place in the United States, with a similar result: the monkey turned out to be caught by a 70 percent investor.

Vdsk funds led the relay

In terms of real pensions, the East Capital Russia, a leading fund, has performed best on the RTS exchange site over the past decade, managing to provide its clients with a return (in dollars) of more than 1,524 percent, while the stock market index rose 697 percent. The second place was also taken by the Rysslandsfond (962 percent) and the Finnish FIM Russia fund (839 percent).

Even in this case, the best investments were elsewhere, not seen at the turn of 1999 and 2000 by most analysts, then enchanted by the rapid growth of the action of technology companies on US stock exchanges. If the investor had obeyed the most popular advice at the time, he would now have $ 430 left in the best case of the dollar, at zero zero.

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