Once at home, under at home. Who suits the home office?

A number of companies do not let their people work from home even after being released due to coronavirus. Home office promise even during the summer holidays. This model works with both sides, so they seem more efficient.

The long-awaited date for working parents who have bowling at home is bl. Monika Gregorov started a large school for children so that the children would have them in the bike for the first time. In addition, he doesn’t need gout for himself. Those who have children can decide for themselves whether they will stay at home or return to the office. J zstvm doma, k.

Although the company was laconic to the home office before the pandem, it turned around after a few weeks in an emergency. It worked out for us, the thermal filling is no problem. Online meetings are all the more. We’ll have a lot of fun, when we don’t all sit at the same table, but again, Monika Gregorov.

Another employer sees it in a similar way. Employees should gradually return to their offices, but in fact neither side is forced to speed up.

We have tried that working from home is not such a magpie for companies. You can work very efficiently from home. In the same way, our state of emergency forced us to get used to meetings and appointments in the online world, and it turned out that even time and pensions would come. Although it does not fully replace personal contacts between people, but it is a way to work faster, says Jitka Soukov from Grafton Recruitment.

According to them, they will continue to consult and meet in the online environment. It should not affect the performance of the people, because they should give up their work and work from anywhere. We will recommend Urit to employees for now. Applicants will have to choose whether they want to come to the interview in person, and carry it out remotely, to Jitka Soukov.

The fact that people working from home are satisfied and able to work as efficiently as in the office is also confirmed by Martina Kemrov from T-Mobile: People quickly got used to it and a number of things accelerated. For example, any meeting. It is much easier to find a video conference window in the calendar of all the important hours and not to know who is physically present at that moment.

Ptina’s people work from home

The house of society thus often adopts a model that it knows in all transnational countries and only expands during the period of pandemic measures. SAP is a global company. Iveta Chvlov, Director of the SAP Services Business Services Center, does not basically distinguish between face-to-face meetings and video calls and shared platforms, or we can adapt to both so that the differences between the two types of work meetings do not affect the quality of work.

The state of emergency has evacuated hundreds of office complexes. According to a survey by LMC, more than half of university graduates took home. A fifth of most economically active people worked from home, mostly in Prague.

The ability to work from home grows with the size of the business. In small companies up to a hundred people, 15.7 percent of employees worked from home, in large companies over 500 people it was a quarter, added Tom Ervn Dombrovsk, an analyst at LMC.

Not everyone will walk back to the office. Meetings and appointments will continue to take place online, both for reasons of social distancing, ie because many employees will continue to work from home, to Jonathan Appleton, director of the ABSL association, which associates business service centers in the Czech Republic. .

Lpe is doing tyictnci

In some cases, this model will extend even during the summer holidays. It’s much simple. From my practice, a number of signatures indicate that employees after the end of the measure want to give information about the home office at their job. They got used to it and found out that in some moments and situations they can be much more effective in the home office. So don’t you try this combination and suggest it to the employer? pemt Martina Jandekov, researcher and therapist at MgC Group.

T-Mobile’s current survey also testifies to the fact that people like working at home. Two aunts 68 percent are satisfied with the opportunity to work from home, negatively this state of values ​​is only 13 percent of respondents, quotes Martin Kemrov from the results of the survey.

Among the main advantages of working from home, according to the respondents, it is better to concentrate on work bikes and thus more free time thanks to the journey to work. Those quarters said they have a sense of efficiency at the same time doing more in the office.

Problems with procrastination and about a quarter of respondents. Young people under the age of 34 have the biggest problem with laziness. On the contrary, among people over the age of 45 with firmly established work habits, only 17 percent of respondents mentioned it as a complication, say Martina Kemrov.

Who does not know, u se

When deciding who to leave at the home office, they are not just personally committed by their people. Many companies have suffered as well as outdated technology and a lack of staff from long-term employees.

It is to be expected that companies that have not yet dealt with digitalisation will use online technologies in their current and new strategies in their strategies, both towards customers and partners, as well as towards employees, Illya Pavlov from Acamar, who help large companies with the development of technology and research centers.

This is the reason for the unprecedented number of people and companies, as well as individuals, who have their knees in IT skills. The opportunity to learn something and not go anywhere because of it is new to someone and we will be glad if it does not disappear with the end of extraordinary measures, me Petr eovsk from Sberbank.

The pandemic showed how digitization is and what role IT plays. Many companies have started to use new technologies and will need to be cared for in the future, including Barbora Wachtlov, Operations Director of Green Fox Academy, which organizes programming courses. According to n, it is for many people even baldness, how in these turbulent times they will help to pay time and work.

It is important to ask whether or not to try retraining. For example, there is such a shortage of people in information technology that the success of success is enormous here. In addition, programming can be learned from home, the advice of Barbora Wachtlov.

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