On the road, the insurance against the payment card will be protected, but it may not be enough

If you go abroad with a payment card in your wallet, make sure that you have a travel insurance policy. Some banks offer them to the cards automatically and are then included in the card price.

Holders of gold and prestige cards (for example at Citibank, SOB, GE Money Bank, Raiffeisenbanki UniCredit Bank) can stay in peace, they have travel included automatically with them. The holder of the embossed payment cards of Komern banka and UniCredit Banka of embossed debit cards of LBBW Bank.

On the other hand, you don’t want to rely on the travel insurance of your card. Banks choose which types of cards to provide for free, and vice versa, which karts clients must arrange for themselves for a fee.

Travel insurance for an indefinite period

If you do not have travel insurance for your payment card, you can close it at almost any time. Both in the moment when you get the card and in the course of its drains. For most banks, you can arrange insurance for an indefinite period, and the bank will then update them automatically – usually at various intervals – even in the event of card renewal.

As long as you have one connection with the card, you can travel beyond the number of times you want, the insurance covers an unlimited number of trips. Banks limit the length of one continuous stay, which must not exceed 45 – 60 days (eg mBank, Komern banka) and 90 days (esk spoitelna, SOB, Fio banka and Potovn spoitelna).

For some banks (for example SOB and Raiffeisenbank) you may be able to take out travel insurance for a definite period of time as well as for the specific city in which you will go abroad.

Be careful with Citibank, if the payment card is canceled, it will not be possible to renew it again and set it up again.

Choose fuel, the offer of insurance limits is varied

Most banks have a varied offer of various travel insurance products for payment cards, depending on the insurance limits. Accordingly, the corresponding fees for the agreed insurance. Banks are usually chosen to pay, only the SOB card holder pays for the insurance period.

He decides not to pay a price for a skull. Often, even with lesser-called diseases, the cost of medicine can rise to hundreds of crowns. Therefore, arrange a connection to the card with the same insurance limits, and you will also take out a one-way travel insurance for a specific trip abroad.

Selected travel insurance for payment cards
Bank product Insurance of life expectancy (in K) Fee in K – msn / ron
Citibank Family travel and stay (1) max.1 mil. – 3mil. 79/msn
esk spoitelna Travel insurance – 4 variants (3) max. 1,5 mil. – 3mil. 35 – 85/msn
SOB, Fio banka, Potovn spoitelna (2) Pojitn Standard, Exclusive a Gold (4) max. 1 mil. – 2mil. 300 – 2 600/ron
GE Money Bank Comfort insurance program max. 1,7 mil. 79/msn
Komern bank (5) Travel insurance according to the type of cards max. 1 mil. – 5mil. free, in the price of the card
LBBW Bank Standard and Comfort Plus – CP program according to the type of debit card max. 1,5 mil. – 6mil. 20 – 35/msn (6)
mBank CP Personal, Family, Family Gold (7) max. 1 mil. – 1,5mil. 35 – 75/msn
Raiffeisenbank CPk platebnm kartm max. 1 mil. – 2mil. 50/msn (8)
UniCredit Bank Pojitn Travel Basic nebo Travel Plus (9) max. 1,7 mil. – 3,4mil. (10) 25 – 60/msn
Source: banks; Notes: (1) Citibank offers free family travel insurance with a maximum of 6 million crowns for gold deposits; (2) the same conditions, Fio banka uses the SOB card; (3) two products, each in two variants, if according to the limit of the insurance indemnity and connection of family members; (4) all three products can be expanded to include family members; (5) Komern banka provides securities to embossed and prestinmkartm free of charge; (6) travel insurance is included in the price of the card, fees only for connecting families; credit cards with a basic deposit of max. 1 million crowns, fee 38, resp. with family dogs 49 crowns / msn; (7) Rodinn Gold for credit cards only; (8) gold card free; (9) there are products for debit cards, seven products for credit cards, depending on the type of payment card; (10) Visa Platinum with the highest insurance limits free of charge

You will find the higher insurance limits for prestige / gold payment cards. For example, in the case of Citibank gold cards, you can have up to five million crowns of talent, in the case of Komern banka the holder of the Platinum card up to five million crowns and the owner of LBBW Bank’s gold cards even up to six million crowns.

Travel insurance covers various risks

The travel insurance agreement for payment cards offers a wide range of insurance coverage, includes insurance benefits, multiple insurance, code liability, landing and luggage, and also applies to recreational facilities for non-hazardous sports – winter and summer.

If you are engaged in adrenaline sports during your holiday abroad, the risks of sports activities (rafting, downhill skiing, summer and off-road skiing), please note that you will not be involved in these activities.

One notable exception is CreationCredit Bank, its clients with risky sports, including you canyoning, rubber jumping and others automatically connected, and so GE Money Bank, for which you are bound by Comfort, protects even when operating dangerous types of sports, such as snowboarding, jumps. for lych, rafting and other sjdn wild ek, jump on a rubber rope, fighting sports, boxing and more.

At some banks (for example, Citibank, GE Money Bank or Raiffeisenbank), even the nearest family members are also connected with the holder of the payment card. The condition of the bag is that everyone must travel abroad together. You can also come across other conditions, at Citibank only family members up to the age of 75 are connected, only three other persons are connected with the holder of the payment card.

For other banks, you must arrange a variant that includes the family for family members.

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