On the bike, I cut into cars, jackets and watches, I broke into a bond

Since last year, there have been many cases of fraud in property insurance. The company is also involved in code liability insurance, regardless of the threat, and ten years for memi. Pojiovny ovem in the fight against fraud fraud.

According to the Czech Association of Insurance (AP), 817 such frauds were cut in the Czech Republic last year, which is 38 percent more than in the previous year. The fraudsters wanted the insurance company to raise a quarter of a billion crowns.

The insurance fraud should cover the order

The example is a young woman who became the owner of an innovative house in a public auction. At first, she tried to go to pensions in such a way that although she chose the pension from the nominees, she did not pay for the consumption of electricity and gas. Ztrtral ink then insured for 12 million crowns and for twelve months then broke out in the house of Lt. The firefighters defeated him at birth.

On completion, the specialist discovered a perfectly prepared insert system from interconnected propane-butane bombs. If it exploded, the whole house would be reduced to ashes, the English language company Vclav Blek is approaching. The owner of the house did not get a crown from the insurance and in case of court supervision.

Jin businessman bought a holiday home on Vysoin. So in drab. According to the expert opinion, Pesto’s assets were worth one million crowns, and the entrepreneur had the building insured mainly for 17 million crowns. The millionaire was to be evaluated seventeen-quarters in the ensuing action. He got nothing.

How were the insurance companies involved in the detection of insurance fraud
How were the insurance companies involved in the detection of insurance fraud
Pojitn Poet revealed scam Storage value in K
Vehicle insurance 3 110 358.585 million
Property and liability insurance 817 237.868 million
Pojitn osob 523 30.672 million
Transport insurance 28 3.803 million
Total 4 478 630.928 million
Source: AP, data are for 2009

The fraud was revealed sharply this year

Pojiovny hls spchy in revealing fraud again this year. In addition to the liquidity and detectives of the Czech Insurance Company, insurance fraud was revealed in the first quarter of this year for more than 97 million crowns, and in proving the value for which the dishonesty wanted it to turn, the mezzanine increased by 40 million crowns.

This year, SOB Pojiovna uncovered fraud for 16 million crowns, Allianz pojiovna for 13 million, esk podnikatelská pojiovna saved 11.6 million and Generali more than 6.5 million crowns.

You can bleed and fold cases. Experts also acknowledge that some of the problems associated with the recession and the entrepreneur’s efforts to solve a serious financial situation through insurance fraud. As one carrier tried to do you.

He pointed out that the goods were destroyed during transport, but they never existed. In addition, the carrier had to obtain this goods according to documents from persons who were at the time of the transaction several years after her death, describes the unpublished tactics of the bankrupt entrepreneur Renata Svobodov, a spokesman for the business insurance company.

The motive is the desire for large pensions

Insurance fraud is often washed away from insurance fraud. We uncovered a fake stolen private collection of cars worth 3.5 million crowns. Fingovan was also an expert opinion on the value of the collection. Now all acts of fraud are punishable, says Svobodov.

Even in the next case, the vision of easily acquired pensions played a major role, which probably obscured the brain of two acts of insurance fraud. The cottage, which had an arranged liability insurance for the code, announced to the insurance company that he was riding a bicycle, made a phone call, and suddenly a pedestrian entered the market.

He bothered the pedestrian with his left child so badly that he damaged his wristwatch at a price of 80 thousand crowns, a men’s winter jacket for 15 thousand and, in addition, he flew into the parked Octavia code. Vclav Blek also confessed this model to a company and a bulge, specifically for 20 thousand crowns.

However, detective detectives found out that the code on the car had nothing to do with the cyclist. She came from another collision. It was revealed that the damaged pedestrian was a very good known cyclist and the cottage was rolled out by two owners of a demolished octave.

Organized scams reveal data analysis

Insurance companies are also involved in the bleeding of organized fraud. these are often groups of people who apply similarly or equally damaged to more than one bond, notes Pavel Pasekov, speak of Allianz Insurance.

Sometimes these are seemingly individual cases, their interconnectedness will become apparent only after a thorough analysis. We have the right software, we are able to detect not only repeated cases, but also to recognize the tentacles of some octopuses, which extend beyond the borders of the region in the country and the borders of the state, according to the Czech insurance company.

Insurance fraud can take several years to pay, the upper rate is now 10 years in prison. Since January of this year, the law has been affecting recidivists, ie people who have rushed to insurance fraud in the past. The penalty rate threatens, for example, dishonest liquidators of insurance events, points out Marcela Kotyrov from the Czech Association of Insurance.

We registered several cases in which the perpetrator of insurance fraud realized the call of his other, tried to reimburse her pension in order to improve the court’s view of his person and obtain a possible small punishment, conclude Ji Cvka, speak Generali Pojiovny.

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