Offended vs colleague? You can give an apology or a pension

Have you become a slanderer and lost your city? Does the neighbor tell you to change, to harm or take revenge, that you have bought the land I am interested in? He published unflattering photos from the verk on the internet, wouldn’t he even ask? You can armor.

If you don’t agree on something well and you don’t get an apology and, for example, the removal of abusive photos or the end of a slander campaign, you will first have to sue in court. According to the new civic end, you have to gain financial satisfaction in the evening.

I prefer the first one

“This issue is one of those issues that definitely requires professional help,” said Ji Hartmann of Hartmann, Jelnek, Fra and Partnei. The first representation is thus intended for the city and with the help of an expert who should know what and how to write enough.

“Finann’s page then depends on the complexity of the case, because most law firms have an hourly rate,” said lawyer Ji Hartmann. This means that you should find out in time how many hours he works per hour, not just enter your case. Disputes for the protection of personality are not easy and you should deal with numerous individuals in the court, which you will have to pay. In addition to the cost of drafting the lawsuit, you also need to pay fees for participation in court proceedings, legal correspondence and the like. If the court in exchange for the truth and compensation of the woman spins the allotted party, you do not have to pay anything.

The effort to make a good name will therefore get through me, and at the same time you do not have the financial satisfaction guaranteed.

When there is no excuse, you get a pension

“Penit is a reimbursement for a non-property property, ie an urk, a weight loss only in those cases where the created property cannot be undone otherwise,” points out lawyer Ji Hartmann. This is done if there is no excuse or removal of compromising photos. It is especially important for anyone to offend or slander the mindset, the public and the use of it, depending on it. So if he forced you to dance on the vertebra and put him on the Internet or show your colleagues pictures, you would probably win the trial.

Consent to the publication and use of your image or personal thanks is not required for all artists, scholars, news and ed. So if you miss TV first and don’t like it, you better not cheat the album, you would not succeed.

It is also possible to record and publish a performance that is related to the public image. If you are a member of the city council and negotiate the land full and other things related to the development of the village, it is not worth defending against the public knowledge.

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