Nobody knew at ns Matcha Tea years ago. Petr Patoka changed that

They were blooming at the arrest. Their sale did not go as Petr Patoka imagined. The company thus found itself at the interface. He even considered the end. Then the bag was discovered by Matcha Tea, a product of a special kind that has been known in Japan for 800 years. The company started growth. Today he sells it for a million crowns.

A business that will grow out of it for almost a million crowns, it sounds like a fairy tale. I assume that it was not that simple.
It was quite the opposite. My path to entrepreneurship was really encouraging. Doing business with her was her second attempt. And unlike the first, he howled.

For me, the first business did not work?
I was twenty then and shared a restaurant. The company was running out of time. It just didn’t last long. Due to my billion and lack of experience, my head grew in my head and after about five years I started a steep pd. I took the work as a shed, and it didn’t make much of a difference in my business.

It culminated at the age of 29, when I definitely gave up the fight. With a debt of two and a half million crowns, which was left to me from this business, I began to wonder whether it is ever realistic to get out of such a problem. Completely broken and worried about my future, I moved to Prague, where I tried to start a new life.

Did you have support in your area at the time? Furnaces, you have greatly caused your youthful indifference.
Yes and no. At the time when he started, among other things, my family and my friend tried to help me. Only the problem was so great that there was no family or friend in it, to help me completely.

What about the others?
I drove a few friends. And, of course, most of those who slapped me on the shoulders in times of abundance turned to me. I convinced myself that if you have a pension, you have a lot of people around you. If you do not have the funds, only the right friends will remain.

D se vbec na takov zkuenost najt nco pozitivnho?
You won’t know it, but really d. I’m really sure that it happened like this today, and that no one helped me enough to stay there. Thanks to this experience, I gained a diametrlinly different view of the world. I wouldn’t pay it to anyone, but I clearly moved it.

You changed that after the collapse of the restaurant you grew up in Prague. So how did you start a new life?
I managed to get a job here as the head of a well-known baguette. In fact, I only managed a bag there. I did not sign the extended employment contract. When I look back on it, I absolutely don’t understand where I got that courage. It was a huge risk, because at that time I had no other income.

Did you actually do it for me?
I didn’t see the bottom light at the end of the tunnel. I had a very sunny salary at the time, but thanks to the debt I had, I basically had nothing left. The point was that where I could not pay my debts, my years grew. I figured that if I had paid at the time, I would have been comfortable in about 20 years. I knew this wasn’t the way to go. I also started working hard to find other ways to get out of it. That was in lt 2009.

How did you look for them?
I was browsing the internet for MSc, and I came across a flowering egg. I immediately knew it was it. The experience of the gastronomic sector gave me a kind of advantage, because I would get in front of the bar in front of him and I knew exactly what would interest bartenders and owners and what would not. For the first time, the experience with the restaurant paid off a lot for me.

So you are Jr. But what about finance? Did you have furnaces in times of only big debts?
I had a lot of trouble in that direction. At the end of 2009, I met for the first time with one-day friend Jim Devt, with whom a friend met. I introduced him to the concept of buying and selling flowers, etc. And Jirka called me exactly on my birthday that he had the concept of trying to try it. At that moment, I got a huge surge of energy again and a decade of partnerships started today.

The arrests were, of course, crowns. What worked out fell on the debts and Jirka had to regularly increase his investment. At one point he wanted to give up. But then in 2012 piel made a turning point, and that was a match.

After the launch of this product, the company began to grow exponentially, and in 2015 I finally paid off all my debts and Jirka’s investment returned to him with a profit of more than one hundred percent. And according to the agreement with Jirka, in the dark of the year the company was completely rewritten on me.

It looks like it’s very simple. At least at first glance.
You’re right. In fact, it was not easy at all. I also worked twenty hours a day. My now wife, Andrea, was a huge support to me at that time. She prepared a home environment for me, which helped very much to this result.

How much was the initial investment you received from your partner?
The investment in flowering was about half a million crowns, which I owed Jirka to such a large debt, and Matcha Tea started with an investment of 150 thousand crowns. Given that the current turnover of Matcha Tea is in the millions, so with such a low investment, it is a big rush, which is due to a huge force not only for me, but also for my former and current colleagues.

How long did it take you to get to such turnovers?
We started in 2012 and 2016 was the first year when we had turnovers over 25 million crowns. Undoubtedly, the fact that the competition fell asleep a little helped us. It was not until 2017 that companies began to appear. But then we hold the position of the leader.

How much vs nstup competition trp?
I don’t mind the health of the competition. Ta k podnikn pa. But a little bit of us suffer those who sell falen nhraky of this aje, but also that unfortunately for business pat.

What do you see in your competition?
The primary advantage is that one’s business is completely honest. I can pay 100% for the quality of the product. Thanks to long-term relationships with suppliers, we are currently able to offer matches of the highest quality at a very reasonable price.

How does such a purchase actually take place? And how do you decide to work with km?
It seems to me that the purchase is simple, because the producer, for example, matches is really a lot. The problem arises at a time when, as a customer, you need a quantity corresponding to several tons per year.

If we bought nsk nhraky this aje, then probably would not be a problem, because vn is, as we know, can produce anything. However, we only buy Japanese originals and find such producers who meet all our demands for quality and are able to produce such quantities, it is very important and I am a great supplier in this respect meets all requirements.

So what are the criteria for choosing which products to include among your Kyosun products?
In our case, the selection is relatively simple, because we focus on only two types of aje and these are matcha and new jet rooibos. Otherwise, however, our demands are very high. Let’s focus on quality and clear origin. Thus, we test all samples for the presence of pesticides, soft metals, yeasts, molds, PAHs, ie polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which can have an effect on health. Until recently, we also tested the samples for the presence of radiation. Quality is crucial for us when choosing a supplier, also if we find a supplier who can comply with it, we are trying to work with them for a long time.

How is the path to the final product?
Matcha is 100% green, etc. Its breeding is different from the classic li. In a certain period of growth, the whole plant is covered with black cloth to prevent light from reaching the leaves. Plants thus begin to produce more chlorophyll. Thanks to that, matcha is so crisp green and so rich in vitamins, minerals and puts a lot of substance.
The run collected by the fox is then processed in Japan into a soft green pretzel. You do not drink as much moisture from the dry leaves as with white green tea, but you drink your own leaf dune and pine tree.

In other words, give her a finished product?
stone. Imports take place in ptikilogram bags, by air. It doesn’t last long in the container. On our machine, the process is then repackaged into two-gram sks, which significantly extend the good properties.

But in addition to the good Matcha Tea, this represents a lot of packaging or waste. Have fun with this question too?
For more than a year, we have been trying to find a fully ecological alternative to our existing type of packaging, but it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Yes, there are alternatives, but there is always a consequent effect on the quality downwards. As a shift, we take at least that the existing material comes from fully recycled sources. In the search for new sources of quality and ecological packaging, we continue and firmly believe that it will be found soon.

Why did you bet on Matcha Tea?
Matcha Tea is a product that has been around for 800 years. We innovated it and started offering it differently. Modern. The main thing was that it is a fantastic product with excellent benefits for the human body.

A co Rooibos?
Rooibos is our hot news and the start of sales surprised us very pleasantly.

Who are your customers?
Kyosun was primarily established as a production distribution, and this style is still known today. Our customers are mainly distributors to healthy vivs, lkren, trade in and so on. At the same time, however, we are also focusing on the B2C sector, ie sales to end customers. Their poet will grow so. It currently accounts for about 15 percent of our turnover.

So today you have a prosperous company. Given what you have lived in your life, would you do anything different today?
I don’t want it to look smug, but I wouldn’t change anything. This period gave me the experience to succeed today. For this experience I am extremely rd.

And what are you most proud of?
The fact that I was able to convince the market that it is possible to sell a type of aje, which costs about ten times as much as bnch and that this has also become the Product of the Year for six times in a row. And of course I’m so proud of my darkness and my wife. I couldn’t do it without their support.

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