Nice breasts or teeth on splits are pierced and halved

Every quarter would not be indebted due to above-standard medical and cosmetic steps. Plastic surgery is far from just a bet of rich people and famous personalities. Still, the general public considers it a good investment in a healthy and better appearance.

Confirm the data from Home Credit, which provides a special purpose for financing above-standard medical tests and aids. Their typical client is around 43 years old. lives in Prague or in the Middle Bohemia and for plastic surgery in gray on average 14 thousand crowns. vr then splc about 17msc.

The target for financial health care is like Africa

Even though, according to a GE Money Bank survey, they are interested in taking extra steps to the top, they will be able to do so to their special financial institutions. Home Credit is offered by Medifin, Raiffeisenbank will receive a loan for health care.

But don’t expect eyesight. Home Credit will receive it from t thousand crowns, but for a high year, which ranges from 19.78 percent, APR from 21.7 percent. With Raiffeisenbank, you can again finance steps and from 50 thousand crowns.

Clients should go to monostvyut elov vr from esk spoitelnyi UniCredit Bank, where paid above-standard medicine can be paid to one of the el. esk spoitelna vm vak pj a od 100 thousand crowns at the range of the year from 9.5 to 14.5 percent and UniCredit Bank from 50 thousand crowns, the first year it ranges from 12.5 percent.

Medifin vrazn peplatte

On the example of a client who wants to have a breast surgery with plastic surgery, we have mapped out how some banks can offer.

elov vr in vi 72 thousand crowns with a maturity of 36 msc
Finann spolenost – product Msn spltka (in K) RPSN (v%) Ron rok (v%)
Home Credit – Medifin 2 866 (1) 27,4 24,19
Raiffeisenbank – elov pjka na zdravotn pi 2 245 (2) 8,14 7
Source: financial companies; Notes: (1) the client does not pay for the call; (2) including the insolvency provided free of charge

The client’s budget is the first in the first Medifin. The paid fee of 72 thousand crowns for those years paid 31 thousand. On the other hand, the client Raiffeisenbank banka drills only eight thousand crowns more.

You can also visit the health banks at other banks, where you can arrange a non-consumer consumer, incl. And in the end, it will even come out cheaper than the Medifin product on offer. Sweat with the paid money about
18-20 tisk korun, pi msnch spltkch kolem 2 500 korun.

you can pay for liposuction, new teeth and part of the hair

According to both Home Credit and Raiffeisenbank, the popularity of individual steps, on which the people pay their pensions, has recently been significantly unchanged. People most often undergo various plastic surgeries – breast cancer, liposuction and liposuction. By medifine, some clients even finance expensive and complex kadenick services, such as extension, transplantation or hair loss.

Average prices of selected above-standard medicines and cosmetic steps
Zkrok Average price (in korunch)
liposuction 37 830
enlarged breasts 77 277
face lift 73 109
surgery of those ages 23 936
nose surgery 41 124
abdominal surgery 58 581
zubn implantty 19 135
ceramic crowns and bridges 10 259
hair transplant 45 629
laser surgery o 18 – 20,000 (one eye)

Specially, you can also finance long-term stays, above-standard care at the dentist, purchase of medical devices or equipment for your own use and other medical procedures, such as laser operations or various surgical procedures, which the health insurance company does not pay for.

Would you like a high-quality medicine and a cosmetic step?

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