Nezamstnme vs. It’s been too many years

It often happens that HR professionals apply for jobs, they are “50 plus”, they do not even invite them to interviews. At present, the aunt of the unemployed is the first people in their fifties. At the same time, experience, insight and personal maturity can be added to the team.

She first celebrated her 53rd birthday, when she was invited to the cobweb and told her to say that she was dreaming. She has been employed at esk spoiteln for 25 years, she enjoyed the work, she downloaded it without any problems, and it never occurred to her that they could fire her.

“It was different for me, I was seven years old until I retired. Suddenly I felt that I was with him, I was brothers, ”to the age of 59, Jana, who lives in Svitavy.

She signed up for a job, underwent a retraining course on pots. She started addressing companies herself, looking for a place in the administration. She soon found out she wanted someone young who spoke languages. She laughed at the fact that he was going to work at the cash register in the supermarket like a former colleague.

“But she was under a lot of energy and time, the children left the house, I could fully devote myself to work,” added. She started negotiating a contract, but she soon stopped enjoying it. Then they asked her if she could get an apartment for their grandmother. It worked out and the idea was born: you started your own real estate agency.

Business in est years. She was helped with the start-up by a husband, a forensic real estate expert who is familiar with the necessary legislation. It started from scratch. “In the morning, so as not to meet someone familiar, I defended to share and put up my patties. Of course I don’t do that today, “he laughs. Her real estate agent had them, but he used her and a colleague.

Padestnci tvo skoro tetinu nezamstnanch

Jana tst, prci si nala sama. On her own, she checked that shnt employed after a fifty is not easy.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, there are currently 157.4 thousand people over the age of 50 working. You make up 27.7 percent of all unemployed. “They are a people of pre-retirement age, and they may be at their return to work. That is why they often remain in the register of labor and retirement, ”to Petr Sulek from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Today, the counterfeiters are from strong volumes and it is they who are the first to gradually extend their retirement.

Maj as, experience, contacts, desire to work. They still don’t want to

The personnel agrees that a team of young employees and erudite professionals with rich experience in the field is a regular shift. It is not always the case that this model is used in practice.

If the companies do not pay for the current counterfeits, as well as personnel. And the experience of the people just confirm it. It often happens that job seekers are not invited for an interview just because of the date of birth. “Companies usually can’t work with people of pre-retirement age. In the post-communist countries, this is probably not the case elsewhere in Europe and the United States, ”said Ji Halbrtt of Manpower.

At the same time, counterfeiters can bring experience, insight and personal maturity into the team. Pibv people who have learned their tongues, manage to work with the pot. They have valuable contacts, they are time consuming, the children left their house. “They can be responsible for the constant workload and will be more loyal,” adds Markta, a widow from the Recruit CZ staffing agency.

On the contrary, there may be problems in the team when the old employee does not accept the authority of the young company. As a coincidence, the physical condition and the fear of illness show me over time. “Both physical and mental rigging is individual. Bad on how the hunter behaves. However, biological processes cannot be stopped, ”adds Markta widow.

The day generation of counterfeits is disadvantaged by the fact that they gained distance in the time of totalitarianism, when there was no such emphasis on languages, they were surprised by the rapid advent of sweat and other technologies.

“I also have requirements for technical staff in production. For example, machine tools are not operated manually, but with the help of sweat and their software, they communicate in English, ”says Ji Halbrtt. “In all regions of the Czech Republic, there is a desperate lack of qualified CNC machines,” he added, adding that the generation that came out of the wheel after the revolution and has been working with potato since a young age will have a simple time.

Dismissal, which was a lot

Forgiving employment is very painful for a woman’s day. They often worked in one city and for years.

“It is not natural for them to change jobs and gain new experiences, as is the case with younger generations. They have their bundles, so secure her for retirement, ”explains Ji Halbrtt.

We can handle it, as evidenced by the interpretation of Jana Noskov. She started her business at the age of 56. Until then, she lived in Prague. In Tebon, where the father came from, her father became ill. She gave vpov and they grew up with her husband in the south of them. They took a dog, opened the rmastv. The arrests were crowned. “People were used to going to the chest, getting these casts recognized, and putting a picture in them themselves,” the businesswoman recalls. Gradually, however, the clientele grew, the people want to enjoy holiday pictures and vivky. The main bag by Jana Nosková is also a modern painting for exhibitions in Prague galleries. He’s happy today, she wouldn’t.

Human resources counselors do not panic and set a daily regime, thanks to which they will remain active. “It’s good to realize that it’s quite a long time to retire,” said Ji Halbrtt.

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