News in ddn from the law. New dd strcov, pranetee i praddeek

If you have no other day, I will inherit the property of a cousin or cousin. The new civilian concordance has a wide range of final extensions.

If you do not have in mind to draw up a master’s contract and think about who you want to do, you can leave the property without a last resort. Your estate is then divided according to the final claim to the inheritance. So far, the heirs (children, husbands, births, siblings, co-mothers, grandparents) have been expanding two years since January this year, according to the new law.

Great-grandparents or cousins ​​and cousins ​​are also entitled to the estate.

“The goal is to keep the property, if possible, in the circle of the closest, or even distant relatives,” comment the first change. “Cases where grandparents give birth will be very rare, but due to the lengthening of life, it is possible that, for example, a mass car accident or a catastrophic disaster could affect several generations at once. Therefore, even those three generations who are actually family leaders should not take part in the testimony, ”explains Vclav Voda.

Who gets how much

The general salary is that all heirs in the same week receive the same length of property. “When, for example, in the first day, two children and a husband, each of the children receives an aunt from his estate. In the new, pt td pipad half of the childhood of the builder’s father’s grandparents and the other half of the grandparents’ grandparents. For the time being, everyone is doing the same thing again, explains Dana Prudkov, co-author of the new ending.

“The Kond ddick succession starts not only in the case when the builder did not decide on his name for the case of his death at all, but also if he decided only on individual things that the first new convoy can do far,” to Vclav Voda.

So as soon as you leave only one hundred (you car) from your property and leave the rest (house, garden, personal belongings) uncluttered, the turn of the grandfather will come.

In the case where they cannot inherit the days of the relatives listed in the childhood, the case of inheritance as a so-called measure of death. Due to the size of the child, the first space for forfeiture of property changes.

RememberHow are ddick tdy

All heirs receive the same length of property in one week.

  1. Dti a manel
    Even according to the new civil law, the children (first of all relationships) and the current husband are the first to do the same, all of the same length. If some of the children do not live (for example, because they died), their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will give the city.
  2. Manel, pomegranate, partner
    If the offspring do not give birth, in the second week to a number of husband and wife, births and partners who have lived with the earth for the last year. Manel must get at least half the ddictv.
  3. Siblings and fellow man
    When a husband does not even give birth, he or she gives birth to siblings and people living in the same household. The siblings can be owned by their children, ie netee and nephews of the builder.
  4. Ddekov a babiky
    If none of the people in the previous tech tdch nedd, they will come to a series of earthly grandparents, ie grandparents.
  5. Praddekov a prababiky nov tda
    If neither grandmothers and grandparents give birth, they have the right to inherit the grandparents of the earth, the great-grandchildren and great-grandmothers of the earth. Both pedes then have the same length of dedication, ie half of each.
  6. Cousins ​​and cousins, boys and aunts nov tda
    In the last, six children, the grandchildren of the earth ‘s siblings, ie the great – grandchildren and the great – grandchildren, the children of the earth’ s aunt and aunts. The town of strc and tet can be given to their children, cousins ​​and cousins.

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