News 2014: Family and child preference over property

The new civil law is over three thousand new paragraphs, according to which we must follow. We chose the longest ones that touch on family and marriage.

1One of the men is not allowed to evict the family from the apartment

Divorce yourself and let the husband let his children live in his apartment? Will have to. The manele, the family living in his apartment, cannot evict the family unless he provides adequate living. This salary, even after a divorce, the family can live in the apartment for a fair amount of time, usually and until the children grow up and be able to make a living.

This pay for the equipment of the household, which ensures the basic life needs of the family, such as a sling, refrigerator, bed. If most of them belong to the usual equipment and are used in the daily functioning of the family, the spouse who owns the goods will first dispose of them without the consent of the other spouse. This means that you can not take life from your apartment.

2In the first place an agreement

In addition to the founding of the family and the upbringing of children, the support and help of the husband is important. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the mutual agreement of the husband, and on the property, residence, and way of life. Manel first has information about their circumstances and must take into account the interests of the family when performing their activities.

3The apartment is in, but thanks to him and manela

During the marriage, the so-called common name manel (SJM) arises for the property, unless the manel agrees otherwise. The joint name of a spouse constitutes what one or both spouses have acquired together for the duration of the marriage, except for something which:

  • for personal needs (eg pyamo, toothbrush, individual work aids, etc.)
  • acquired only one manel by gift, ddnm and legacy
  • received only one of the manels as compensation for non-property property protection
  • acquired only one of the manels from his vlunho ownership or by payment for n

The system of the common name is thus according to the spouse in a commercial company or company, if the spouse acquired this term during the term of the marriage. The SJM system is not a profit from this property, but not, for example, the first to decide at general meetings.

4When you can work, you don’t get live

A former husband will be able to demand alive only if he is unable to make a living, and this inability to do so has its origins in marriage and if it can be fairly demanded (if, for example, he cares for a joint child after divorce). The court must know whether the husband could find employment. Instead of a vivnho, a divorced husband can arrange a single sales.

5Are you hiding your income? Mou vm pototim aliment z 85 tisc

Stick to children who do not pay alive and hide their income. If the court does not give birth to the day of his / her income, he / she will be charged for 25 times the subsistence level (ie about 85 thousand months; today it is about half).

6Domc nsilnk pjde from home and for 6 months

In the event that a spouse or other persons reside together, who are permanently unbearable for one for reasons of corporeal or mental abuse from the other, the court may order violence and for 6 months from the house and apartment, even repeatedly.

7Popt otcovstv mete a do 6 let dtte

The deadline for the fatherhood is extended. Manel has asked me in the paternity court for the sixth time since the day when he began to have doubts that he was the father of the child, and I could do so as long as possible and within six years of the child’s birth (up to three years). If the father does not have time to file a petition for parental paternity in court, the court will excuse me for this reason for any reason.

8And come and win

Civil law allows the adoption of minors, which I know especially in the case of adopted siblings, because the adoption of only minors leads to a break in their sibling relationship.

9In the children’s home just doasn

The child will not be able to take it away from his family and shine in the state upbringing only because of poor housing and the economic situation of the family. In addition, the condition may only be temporary, after 3 years the court must decide again.

10For divorce together

The law allows the divorcee to file a joint claim in court. Manel will not have to argue about who will be on both sides and who will make the proposal. Divorced spouses have more time to change their names, decide to return to their two names and within six months of the divorce.

11Do business with your family? You are entitled to a reward

A business in which family members (husband, children, or other relatives work together) is called a family seduction. A family seduction is created automatically to protect only the family, if I work in the family members, e.g. work in the fields, gather the vines, or lead such an ethnic seduction. members of the family seduction have the right to profit and co-decide according to the extent of their work.

Prepared by freshmen Dana Prudkov, Veronika Ryvkov and Frantiek Korbel, who participated in the preparations for the new civic end.

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