New on the Internet: Buy and pay after trying

Afraid to shop online? Do you because you do not want to pay in advance, or are you afraid that the city of the ordered goods or brick will come to you? Today you can use an alternative to good, where you can pay for the goods and after the trial. But it’s not for everyone.

“People have two good preferences, especially because they pay and in the moment when the goods are clearly visible. Our promise extends this security and thus supports customers who pay you a week and want to make you happy right away, shopping in stores where time offers are limited, ”explains the meaning of the service Michal Michal, director and founder of the payment method. The internet has been operating since last year.

“It happened that thanks to payment methods, the old man, who in the past did not know the Internet at all, bought it. The pension was subsequently sent to the hall in a suit by the company. But this is a really extreme case, which made us very happy. But we also have references from the customer who bought the perfume for the girlfriend. He was worried that he had chosen the right one, because his girlfriend had never had this poultry. He hit the ptelky’s taste and paid for the sweat of the drek pedal, ”describes Michal mda.

For a paid customer 14 days

How does it work? In the e-shop, which cooperates with the service (,,,,, and gave, soon the launch of and, several with large e-shops), you will find in the payment options such as “Pay and after trial”, “Buy, pay in 14 days” and the like. Click and complete the order.

From the moment you receive the goods, you have 14 days to try the goods. And when you decide that you really want it, pay its price plus a surcharge for using the service in the amount of 39 crowns to the account of the service. In this way, the goods can be up to a maximum of five thousand crowns.

You can then pay in several ways. Cashless transfer, online payment card, sweat slip, or help with QR code. If you pay with a card, you can check the option to remember the card, the system has saved the data, and you do not have to write the card data again the next time you buy. It works similarly for example at Slevomat and

If you decide to return the goods, you will proceed in the same way as with another purchase on the Internet, with the only difference that you do not have to return the pension.

Algorithm for probability

Whoever wants to get the promise, has to deal with the fact that the company will do it. She is the one who pays the seller for the goods immediately and takes the risk that she will get her pension.

The company has had a breeding algorithm created by more than 14,000 customers of cooperating e-shops with the help of 637 factors, so it took less than a second to make orders and will be able to make a deferred payment.

“Let’s use factors such as the resolution of the message monitor, the version of the operating system used, and evaluate whether the e-mail message contains both first and last names. The time of purchase, order history, order subject or geologan data also play a role, ”revealed the method Michal mda and adds, the system evaluated is a very complex learning algorithm, which was developed specifically for with the preservation of all personal data.

The system of evaluation mechanisms are not debt registers, which are a common tool of banking and non-banking institutions. “Let’s extract only the data that the customer states in the order process (name, name, address and telephone number), or the history of two orders provided by the e-shop, and all the first regulations in the field of personal data protection will be preserved. as a potential fraud, this party will not know, ”explains Michal Mda.

Even with all the guarantees, it happens that the customer does not pay. “It’s a risk for our business and it’s up to us to look at it. In these cases, we have clearly set a fixed contract pen. However, we always agree to agree with the customer by e-mail, SMS and telefont on the most suitable form of payment of debts, ”Michal mda said, adding that this model also works abroad, in which it proves itself with us.

The learning algorithm could also help against the well-known failure, when people buy navigation on the Internet, for example, use it on vacation and drill it without problems after returning. “We can analyze these cases, if any of the users of this defect proves to be proven repeatedly, let’s stop our payment,” adds Michal mda.

He gave the opportunity – it is a bag sp o pjku

The deferred payment system is used by the Czech Republic and the company. The service is called FerBuy and is based on a slightly different composition. It is actually a new form of short-term loan.

“FerBuy’s bite is a splendor. This means that if at any time within 14 days you decide that you do not want to pay for the goods at once, you can get in touch and arrange a payment schedule, ”explains Markta Kropov, FerBuy’s representative for the Czech Republic. Of course, whoever wants to pay me the whole amount at once.

Pay CZK 49 for the promise. And the shop is now a lot of me. 14 thousand crowns (total limit), the limit for one purchase is seven thousand crowns.

The method of purchase in the e-shop is similar. When you choose the method of castle, the system directs the route to the FerBuy payment gateway, where you enter your native phone and mobile phone. PIN will be sent to the specified phone number. When you enter, the system will check to see if it will give you credit for the purchase.

Scoring as in banks and installment companies

It is performed in the same way as if you were giving data about pjku. More than 100 criteria are evaluated, for example vk and the applicant’s gender. It should be clear in a full minute.

Once the payment is approved, the purchase is completed and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the e-shop. And when you do business, you will receive payment instructions from FerBuye via email and email.

And then you have 14 days at the castle. The company sent the pension to the merchant immediately. He therefore gets paid always, regardless of when the customer sends the payment to FerBuy.

If you are not satisfied with each other, you should drill the standard monostho here as well. “If you do not pay the customer within 14 days, you will automatically receive enough installments.

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