New insurance for footballers. Clubs will receive pensions for it

Pojiovna Generali is trying to become a new player of the amateur footballers. The coincidence is that the club will receive a pension for each football player. Compared to the similar life insurance of other connection bags, Trefa did not occupy the front lever.

It covers approximately 400,000 non-professional footballers under the age of 64. Pojitn Trefa can arrange in those variants for 395, 500 or thousand crowns per month.

It applies to the evening once, ie also to those who become insured outside the football field. It is basically an investment life-related with a great price to cover once.

When arranging insurance, you fill in a very simplified health questionnaire and not the health condition to which most of the connected did. It is also interesting to drive a car. Insurance also covers death as a result of a car accident, which many insurance companies do not find.

It is important not to look first at the price of insurance, but at the scope and insurance premiums. Even so, it hits in the model example in comparison with the one-time bonding series and on the tail of our comparison in the model example.

It is not good to agree on a financial reward for the club when negotiating. For footballers, but also for other sportsmen, it pays to go through competing products and the fuel that suits them best. Pojitn Trefa is a life insurance company. But the question is whether football players do not pay to be connected once again. The model example proves that you can get another connection. Insurance benefits are, of course, based on injuries and permanent consequences.

Pklad: Josef (32 years old) played the football district district. During the grasp, he broke a bone bone and had to be hospitalized immediately for 10 days. After being released from the hospital, his health deteriorated and Josef had to spend another 5 days in the hospital. Josef suffered the consequences in the form of full stiffness of the knee. We asked the insurance company how much they would pay for this time in total.

Pojiovna Msn insurance Total insurance benefits
esk business insurance company 500 2 055 000
AXA 496 1 395 000
UNDER 526 516 500
Uniqa 341 500 000
Cooperative 500 minimum 369,000
esk pojiovna 506 345 250
Trefa (Generali) 500 295 500
Source: Pojiovny, stky are listed in the korunch

It hits the football player community

The project can be followed by football clubs from IV. tdy and after the division. Remuneration for all insurance contracts is divided according to the number of insurance policies. For each agreed Trefa 395, the club will receive 2,050 crowns, for Trefa 500 it will receive three thousand crowns and for the most expensive variant of Trefa 1,000 the club will receive five thousand crowns.

Over the course of three years, Czech regional football should pay a quarter of a billion crowns.

Pensions will be paid by the club in those installments over the course of three years. In those years, it would be worthwhile for them to terminate all insurance contracts and arrange insurance again. The club would thus receive a pension again for insurance contracts.

“People take care of their dm and the car is not healthy. A new trend in insurance is reaching out to groups, which is why we have created an insurance company that is tailored to football players, ”adds Generali Petr Kopeck.

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