Nechote u do bank: bankomaty vm te pomou s mnohm

If you prefer to withdraw from ATMs, you also offer services. What can an ATM do in the first place?

A look into history
It is very difficult to imagine that the first clients, who could withdraw cash at the first aid of the ATM, needed to run a one-day turf in addition to the PIN. The world’s first ATM, then called a cash dispenser (Barclayscash), was launched in London on 27 June 1967. As the name suggests, it belonged to Barclays Bank and filled out only GBP 10 banknotes. Penn vending machines were only slowly looking for a job. Clients gradually began to use them as an emergency ticket if they did not manage to pick up cash in the first hours of bank branches. Some studies have even shown ATMs a very short life.

Those are the facts. However, today there are disputes about the paternity of the invention called the ATM, between the Americans and the British. The British paternity spoke to the Scotsman John Adrian Shepherd-Barron (b. 1925), who wanted to open a limited period of bank branches in this way. Again, Amerian has no doubt that Don Wetzel will be the first to invent the ATM. He saw an ATM in the ATM.

The first ATM in the Czech Republic appeared and the rest of the years after the commissioning of the first ATM in the world, specifically on January 15, 1989. It was a cash machine esk spoitelny, which allowed cash withdrawals only to bank employees from savings banks. si ei musali pokat jet dal ti years. The first online ATM was launched not only by us, but also in Central and Entrance Europe, in 1992.

will be cheaper and payment

Today, in addition to issuing cash, an ATM can provide a number of other services
At present, you will find more than three thousand ATMs in the whole country (3096 at the end of 2006), with 1087 of the total number of pat esk spoiteln, 651 Komern banka, 599 SOB, 490 GE Money Bank, 58 Raiffeisenbank, 50 eBance and 47 ivnostensk bank.

In addition to eBanka’s ATMs, these are all-purpose ATMs (abbreviated as ATM Automated Teller Machine), ie those who only provide payment card holders with cash collection and services.

As a standard, it is considered to withdraw cash from the bank account, the balance of the account and to warn you that the end of the validity of the payment card has been inserted (except for the ATMs of a commercial bank, which completely disregard this function). ATMs have a lot to do with it. Let me look at the transactions on the bank here, print out the mini-statement and the balance and thus top up the mobile phone credit.

For the time being, some services remain only a bet of some banks. For example, the only one through the ATM of a business bank can deposit pensions on their own. GE Money Bank, in turn, bet on its ATMs to offer its products and placed the Infolimit service in them. In her framework, among other things, they can return the existing credit card limit. Potovn spoitelna also took a similar path recently, allowing not only its own clients to arrange a meeting with a salesman if they are interested in any of Potovn spoitelna’s products.

In addition to changes to standard services at its own ATMs, SOB provided clients with information on the level of the approved level limit.

esk spoitelna stepped in a slightly different direction. Thanks to ATMs, its clients can freely change their PIN cards, but also enter one-time orders for the castle. The bank thus adjusted several plates of its ATMs to the specific needs of the disabled. It enriched selected ATMs with control votes for the visually impaired and adapted their position to even clients confined to wheelchairs.

Bank Services except vbr cash
esk spoitelna – Balance information here
– mobile operator services
(e.g. loan profit)
– changed the PIN
no one-order order k
status information point in Bonus
notified of the expiration date
Komern bank – vytitn zstatku tu
mobile operator services
(e.g. credit profit)
notified of the expiration date
information about the bank’s products
Raiffeisenbank – Balance information here
notified of the expiration date
ivnostensk bank – cash deposit on et in B
balance information here (in.
kreditn karty)
minivpis 5 last transactions
inserted card
GE Money Bank – Balance information here
notified of the expiration date
(can also be printed)
– Infolimit service
– enough about the product (pedn
contact and meeting agreement with
UNDER – information on pre-approval limit
– Balance information here
– mobile operator services
(e.g. loan profit)

Note: eBanka ATMs are only offered in cash
Source: banks

Most banks have their own ATM machine ready to open
Banks do not hide the fact that they have to fully develop not only their own ATMs in this year, but also in the following years. GE Money Bank will enrich its ATMs this year with a hundred new ATMs, Raiffeisenbank together with new branches another at least 13 ATMs (its clients can also use eBanka’s ATM, ie another 50 ATMs) and so esk spoitelna expands in its coming years by 30 devices (the total is 100 pieces by the end of 2008, but 70% of this sweat will be exchanged new for star).

News for this year
esk spoitelna announced the installation of so-called anti-skim devices (a special attachment to the card entry slot, which provides information from the magnetic stripe of the payment card) and is considering the possibility of extending the functionality of the ATM as well as receiving cash. Raiffeisenbank’s anti-skimmer is very fresh at its ATMs. Meanwhile, the last announcement of the right of its ATMs is carried out by Komern banka, which is likely to be able to change clients’ PINs via an ATM in the first half of the year, as often as they like. The service should be, similarly to the case of esk spoitelny, charged.

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