Natural gas is the most profitable commodity of this week’s X-Trade Brokers Cup

The X-Trade Brokers Cup enters its fourth and final week. So last week, in addition to the main prize, the contestant also competed for secondary prizes, in the form of modern telecommunications equipment HTC Touch Diamond2, which will always be won by one man and a woman from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who will be able to achieve the highest value every week.

This time, the winners for last week for the Czech Republic became an appreciation of 645% and 498%. While in Slovakia he achieved the highest score, reaching 717% and 456%.

Along with the side prizes, the main prize, which is the luxury car Porsche Cayman, is also being played in the last competition week. He will receive a contestant who can evaluate the virtual deposit of EUR 10,000 the most by 30 June.

So last week was filled with the known volatility that a number of traders were able to pull out. The highest gain was again achieved on komoditch, although on others, not in the second week of the competition. This time, they achieved the competition of the highest cumulative profits on natural gas, on which 14 out of 15 most profitable trades were realized.

The price of natural gas was able to reach its growth at the end of the month and, for example, the phenomenon was still jumping by 6.74%. But it did not lag behind, nor did it give a very popular commodity, which is oil. Its price began to rise again for a long time, when the barrel of the North Sea brent sold in the week even and above the limit of 80 USD (+ 1.9%), which made oil the second most profitable commodity last week.

At the far end of the year, sugar appeared this time, its price fell by 3.3% last week, which surprised a number of traders, especially after the price of sugar rose by 12% two weeks ago.

Traders managed to make the most of the event at Microsoft shares, their price was 5.7% compared to Monday. The main reason for their growth was the five public results, when Microsoft, despite a drop in revenue, was able to report a sharply unexpected profit, which was the case for the vast majority of technology companies, which have so far reported their results.

How traders did in the new market

Trading with the most popular instrument of the competition, the currency exchange EUR / USD, this time it really worked out. More than 60% of all orders on this bar were speculation about the weakening dollar, which he actually drank. The US currency weakened by another 0.7% last week to see a price of 1.50 EUR / USD, where it last moved a long time ago.

At the same time, the continued growth of action and the leveling of fears of the consequences of the crisis, which gave the trading courage to invest in risky non-dollar assets, spoke in favor of a weak dollar.

A volatile trading session can be expected from the new week. This is due not only to the continued results of the list, but also to the influx of economic data, in particular with preliminary estimates of US GDP for the third quarter, or the growth rate of US new orders.

The X-Trade Brokers Cup enters its finle. The winners of the bag are still newly registered, as the test passed last year, when one of the competitors was able to reach an incredible 6,000% in just those days.

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