Na podn daovho piznn mte poslednch devt dn

If you have a business or rented a rent for you, you have to pay the tax for 2010. You can postpone the date and to the first of July, if you hire a tax advisor. You must also announce this by April 1.

Who must give daov piznn

Fill in the form when

  • You have income from several employees at the same time and income from some of them did not tax the Serbian tax
  • You get income from business or rent for less than 15 thousand crowns,
  • you report a loss from business
  • You have income from employment and your other income, for example from business and rent, a hundred thousand crowns

You can forget about da piznn when

  • nemte dn pjem
  • you have income that is exempt from taxes (social benefits, scholarships, unemployment benefits, income up to 288,000 ron, flat fees up to 20,000 ron)
  • You have income taxed by Serbian tax (dividends, profit shares, years from bank deposits)

What state license to fill out

  • only the main form of income from employment (6), days 31 and 36
  • only the main income capital formula (8), Dec. 38
  • Area 1 business income (7)
  • Ploha 2 pjmy z pronjmu (9)
  • Appendix 2 other income (10) among the five revenues from the sale of securities (if you sell them within 6 months from the purchase), income from the transfer of real estate, from business activities
  • Appendix 3 income from abroad, sailed for stty, where the call to exclude the double tax method of return

Co dt k daovmu piznn navc

  • When you were employed and worked on one of the agreements and the tax was deductible, provide proof of the original income statement from all employers.
  • When do you apply for deductible items:
    – the original confirmed by the insurance company about the amount paid for the private life insurance
    – the original confirmed by the pension fund about the amount you sent to the pension supplement
    – the original is confirmed by the bank about the paid years from the home for housing, if you prove it for the first time, there will also be a contract for housing (here are hundreds of copies)
    – proof of donations, such as a copy of the blood donor’s ID or confirmed by the foundation
    – original certificate of the castle for further education (for exams).
  • When applying for a discount on a child who is over 18 years of age, provide proof of the original certificate of study.
  • Only if you have an electronic signature and send the letter electronically, then the scanned document will be in pdf format.

How to submit forms

Submit the form to the financial office according to the city of your permanent residence at the time of the company. You can bring the form in person to the filing office or fly by sweat. If you fill in interactive formulas (,, you can also submit a black print.

Whoever owns an electronic signature can file a passport via the Internet, whoever has a data box, also through it (without an electronic signature). An electronic signature is not absolutely necessary to send the electronic form. After sending the “unsigned” formula, it is necessary to print the so-called one-page e-form, which the system will generate after sending the document, sign it and submit it in the next financial year. The formula can be sent at any time, at any time of the day or time, regardless of one hour.

Until April 1, all funds will be open on weekdays until 6 pm, on Saturday, March 26, funds will be open in district cities from 8 am to 12 noon. esk pota dn extended reim nechyst.

What is not possible

  • veker sociln dvky, scholarships
  • pensions up to 288 thousand crowns per year
  • pension obtained for the house and apartment in which you lived for at least two years before the sale (or owned it for a few years)
  • profit from the sale of valuables, but and after six months from their purchase
  • He is also exempt from the person who sold the car, which, according to less than 1 year, was spent
  • The full income tax exempt contains 4 income tax receipts

Thermal and like hroz penle

If you complete the application yourself, this year you have to submit the form and pay the tax term by April 1, if for all the tax advisor, the term is extended until July 1, 2011.

The fine for late business is at least 500 crowns. If you pay the tax late, but on your own, ie not at the expense of the inspection, pay only one year out of delay. This is 14.75 percent of the long-term debt (0.04 percent per day). The payment for each day is delayed on the next day following the due date of the tax and until the date of payment. However, only working days will be hidden, so that he must be unpunished by 7 April.

In July, the time for the last time is paid without the penalty of jet part, because there are holidays. Anyone who cheats on a tax advisor can pay their tax by July 11 with impunity.

When the mistake is revealed by the financial and tax house, pay not only years, but also a penny of 20 percent of the exchange, when the tax is payable, or one percent, if the tax office is lost.

How to pay

You can pay in cash at the cash desk or send your pension by sweat, but with only a type A voucher, even with a fee, the tax invoices have been canceled. It is best to pay the bag by bank transfer directly to the number of long-term financial series.

The personal income tax has the number 721 and you can find the number of your series at in the section Tax payment.

Who has an overpayment, in the last part of the tax formula fill in where he wants to send the pension. They should arrive in the first days of May at the latest.

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