Mortgages where you don’t have to submit invoices are not really classic

There is a mortgage for construction and reconstruction, and you do not have to prove individual data, ie invoices or receipts. And don’t even be the one where it is obligatory. This type of boil is suitable for those who do not have a single supplier.

When Lenka Navrtilov and her husband got involved in the large-scale construction of an old family house a few years ago, she was surprised by how much the mortgage differed from the one for which she bought her first apartment.

“For him, the price was clear, I had a pension, I drank the rest at the bank. We also had a budget for the reconstruction of the house, but we knew that the price would change or increase during the construction, so we decided on a mortgage without proof of payment, which at that time was offered only by a few banks, ”l ena.

But it also had its disadvantages. “Since the bank only controls the pension and has definitely not examined in detail what exactly you used it for during the reconstruction, it does not force you to spend three times. And since the pension was sent to the bank, you will eventually find out that I will have the necessary finishing work at the end of the hundreds of mistakes, ”to Navrtilov.

For the same year as the classic incl

Virtually all banks offer a mortgage without the need for additional invoices with the exception of the classic type of vru, although their products differ in detail.

“Banks have approached the needs of the client and these vry are not expensive, but there is more flexibility in the need to link the pension from the mortgage to unexpected expenses arose during the reconstruction or construction and eliminated the amount of heavy paper. Of course, provided that the mortgage age does not have to be added to Milan Roek from Hyposervis. According to him, 95 percent of people today build or renovate houses, and the conditions for its acquisition are no different from other mortgages.

Half board and then check how you used them

In practice, it seems that the banks pay half board to the current client, which of them may pay the invoice for the work performed. Banks only check whether the reconstruction proceeds as it should, ie whether the value of the building increased by the investment of pensions. “Here, the individual banks differ in how much size they gradually release per client and how many inspections of the construction they perform. There are also banks that can release the entire mortgage at once, ”adds Milan Roek.

The differences between the banks are not very large. “We can offer the client a mortgage with a bad erpnm. We gradually release pensions depending on the value of the property and according to the permitted limits. However, the client must re-prove the actual investment funds, ie the implementation of construction work in accordance with the submitted budget. We do not require invoices and income documents, ”says Monika Klucov from Komern banka, who always checks the construction and the pension invested in it within six months of the release of the debt.

Equa bank, on the other hand, offers a combination of mortgages for real estate and pensions for its reconstruction. “In the case of these mortgages, the client has the opportunity to increase the flow by twenty percent and these means of bondage for reconstruction. It is definitely not possible, the conditions are the same. We do not require additional invoices and a receipt for the given reconstruction, ”explains Kateina Pospilov from Equa bank.

Officially and unofficially

Officially, this type of heat is used primarily to allow builders to respond to unexpected remnants during construction and to be able to rent crafts for construction gradually. And what they learn from one, they used in another, dear.

Unofficially, it happens that the people pay a kitchen unit for you under your pension, although it does not appear in the construction budget, of course, that they will hire black-and-white crafts, although they cannot deal with the fact that they will complain about their work. In addition, there is a risk that work will continue, even during the time when the bank will want to see how you managed their pensions and what you built for them. In this case, the builder can fix the pen.

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