Mortgages: if the years and fees

Classic mortgage, one hundred percent, for a dilapidated apartment, combined with a life insurance or building bond, newlywed, American. You can find all the listed types of mortgages in the offer of domestic banks. Which one is the best? This cannot be determined pauln. Badly on specific conditions and requirements.

So what should you consider when choosing a bank, so that the mortgage is really a suitable way for you to use your own home?

1st year rate

Most banks state in their offers an annual rate from. This means that it is not automatically obtained. Banks keep it for the best clients, ie those who evaluate it as the least risk. At present, the years are about 2.4 percent, in the case of classic houses, which cover 70 percent of the price of real estate, with the client fixing it for one year. This means that it will be the same after 12 months, but then sweat according to the current rate. The fixed fixation period, ie the year, the client thus ensures a constant installment, even though rates would rise in the future. However, they can also fall and the client has delayed.

The decision on how long to fix, depends primarily on the current market situation and expected developments. Now, experts recommend fixing the year for at least three and five years. Because, according to them, there is no room for giving dream rates. Due to the development of oil prices, their prices are particularly high.

For a year now, the type of mortgage has been influenced, the cheapest is the classic mortgage, the most important is the non-lead, the so-called American. In the case of American mortgages, you can get everything for anything, just stop the property. For example, the classic vr (with ron fixation) ro Hypoten banka from 2.73 percent ron, the minimum roen vru without a documented income and one hundred percent was 3.5 percent, but in the case of American mortgages exceeds 5 percent.

years between banks li. But this does not mean that if you choose a bank with the lowest rate in the ads, get the cheapest vr. On the contrary, a financial position, which you know, despite its advertising rate, makes a suitable offer for you
is a few tenths of you.


2. Maturity period

Most banks offer a standard maturity of five to thirty years. The ivnobance can be repaid in one year. The salary, in which case, in these years, puts more money on the family budget. On the contrary, the long maturity of the mortgage significantly increases. According to experts, the ideal mortgage period is between 10 and 20 years.

3. Typ vru

Most banks today offer you a classic mortgage, which covers 70 percent of the value of the property. You can get the full value of the house and apartment. There are also other types of mortgages. Among other things, the American mortgage, which is offered by most banks, is gaining popularity. It’s vr on anything to stock a mortgaged property.

esk spoitelna offers a newlywed mortgage intended for people up to 36 years of age for the construction of an apartment or house with a low mortgage payment for a period of five years.

SOB, Raiffeisenbank and Hypoten banka saw the service of Mortgage without a document of income, in which case you do not have to submit proof of income from the employer or tax, but are different, written criteria (for example, SOB is only 50 percent of the value of mortgaged property) and years.

4. Fees

If the applicant for a mortgage has to prepare that next to the year will be the bank, pay for the return and give fees. And that’s quite confident and for the first time right here.

The fees for the administration here, among banks, are usually by 50 crowns.

The seemingly negligible number, after 20 years, grows to a difference of twelve thousand. Relatively large differences also exist in the fee for a lot, ranging from 0.65 to 1 percent of the value of the year, their upper limit is limited by the amount of 25,000 and 29,000 crowns. While esk spoitelna, for example, sets at least 9,500 crowns, Wstenrot has set the minimum limit at 4,000 crowns.

At the bank on the bank, you have safe disputes here, but don’t make money here. They can even devalue. What about the darkness?
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