Mortgage: to pay insurance in case of illness?

Admission: Kostkov family three members: father 42 years old, mother 38 years old and their son 13 years old. Father has a salary of 16,000 CZK, mother 8,000 CZK. The family has disputes in the amount of about 120,000 CZK.

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Recently, with the help of a mortgage, they shared an old apartment in personal ownership and meet 8,500 CZK. Although the father has a common bond for death, he is concerned that if he was incapacitated for work due to illness and taking sick leave for a long time, the family could have problems paying all their expenses.

Poadavky a cle

Mr. Kostka has heard somewhere about the insurance of daytime incapacity for work due to illness and would like to know whether such a connection would be suitable for him.

vodn zamylen

Quality advice should always seek to optimize finances, e.g. dream or at least unusual expenses, residual income, use of tax levies, etc. Therefore, before that, we do not open the tariff of any connection and we ask the client to ask insurance claims a insurance, it is good to think about alternative options that would meet the client’s requirements the same or even better.

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1. According to the client, what is long-term incapacity for work and what is the probability of its occurrence?
2. Does the insurance daily cover the fall in income in case of illness, ie the difference between sickness and certain wages?
3. How much does such insurance cost? Wouldn’t it be another one?

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1. According to the client, what is long-term incapacity for work and what is the probability of its occurrence?
Due to his previous experience, the client considers long-term incapacity for work to last for about 30 days. The short period would not have such a significant effect on his income and ability to pay family expenses. The probability of the emergence of such a disease, as small, however, does not completely eliminate the risk. If something like this happened, the family’s situation would be dark.

2. Does the insurance daily cover the fall in income in case of illness, ie the difference between sickness and certain wages?
Daily costs of incapacity for work due to illness generally belong to the so-called insurance codes. That is, the insurance indemnity is paid up to a maximum of codes. In our case, the code generated for the client is the difference between sick pay and a certain wage. Insurance companies, however, limit their daily fees to a certain maximum value, which is derived from gross wages. In addition, there is a so-called waiting period, which means that the daily fee is paid for incapacity for work, which lasts according to. m del karenn doba, tm levnj pojitn. Another important limitation is that the daily doors are usually filled for a maximum of 365 days.

In our case, the client has a gross salary of 20,000, – K msn at would correspond to a daily amount of about 110, – K. According to the client’s opinion, we will consider a waiting period of 29 days.

Now, for a better idea, let’s choose 3 scenes of incapacity for work and their financial implications (all values ​​are in the conversion rate):

A. Incapacity for work 30 days

Illness approx. 11.200, -K, daily doors 110, – K, up to the error wage 4.690, – K

B. Incapacity for work 90 days

Illness approx. 12.000, -K, daily doors 2.237, – K, up to the error wage 1.763, – K

C. Incapacity for work 365 days

Sickness approx. 12.500, – K per msc, daily doors 3.080, – K, up to the error wage 420, – K

As can be seen, in none of the cases paid daily do not match the loss against the same wage. The importance of daily care increases with increasing length of incapacity for work, but the general (statistical) probability of such an event due to illness is relatively low.

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3. How much does such insurance cost? Wouldn’t it be another one?
The client would pay approx. This price is relatively low and affordable, but it is influenced by the length of the waiting period and the risk-free allowance of the client (for example, for a waiting period of 15 days, the insurance would amount to approximately 230 CZK per month).

Pesto can be ground in other ways and try to pay for the insurance premium in any way.

The client stated that he would resolve the disputes and could thus handcuff them to equal income in case of illness. To cover financial losses from incapacity for work in the length of 90 days, it would cost him a total of 12,000 CZK, to cover 365 days it would cost a total of 42,000 CZK (these are amounts to compensate for the difference between sickness and certain wages). Therefore, if he excluded these contacts from the disputes and did not use them for anything else, he would not have to arrange a connection. The advantage of such a one is also the fact that if he is not ill, he does not have to withdraw his pension from the dispute and get married. The insurance policy would always be paid if the incapacity for work occurred or not.


It would be good to leave the final decision to the client, because the most important in the case of similar risk events are the subjective feelings and concerns of the client. Also wrong on a correct estimate of the ratio of probability of risk and price for its insurance.

In any case, it is advisable to think about alternative variants of the een and not to adhere headless to the seemingly simple and clear een.

1. Swatches are rounded for simplicity.
2. In the case of bonding, a concrete bonding product is used, which offers the bonding of daily doors separately. For other binders, the rates and conditions may differ slightly.

Hints and tips

The supply of products, their prices and the range of various restrictions and the inclusions in individual cases and differences can be very significant in some cases.
It is good to have everything put forward for yourself and only then to make a decision. We recommend that you use the services of the best such consultant who does not depend on one specific connection, represents more of them and is thus able to provide you with several options for selection at once.
However pauln approach and efforts to simply sell some insurance should pay attention to you. Do not let yourself be manipulated into it without a thorough analysis of your needs and needs.

Where are you? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got sick and unable to meet it? Drink nm, dark on your thoughts and experiences.


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