Mortgage or lease? Pt recommended for first choice

t in his own apartment, but to borrow for years? Or rent an apartment? If you do not decide, answer the following five questions.

Shortly after the round, the young people will determine the time when they will live in the sublet. They will see how it is without a parent. At a time when they are living independently, they often do not have a stable job with a steady income, they have nothing to do, they do not know where they want to be, and they do not even have a strong partnership. On the other hand, a typical mortgage applicant is a person with a stable income and financial disputes, with a clear idea of ​​the appropriate location and type of housing (house, apartment). It is pointless for him to pay a fine that is not significantly more prominent than a mortgage payment.

Astm eenm is a mortgage even for young men around the week, when both have a stable income and employment, depending on which location they like. “Of course, it is important to take the time that she went on maternity leave and spent time wondering if even in these situations we are able to get our jobs in the bank,” adds Petra Horkov Kritofov, manager of the Association of Mortgage Brokers.

Ji Skora from the Union, a company of financial intermediation and advice, also draws attention to another important aspect: The hunter must realize that, with the ownership first, there are also obligations to take care of this property. Not where a hunter is a handyman, or is willing to spend gave gossip pensions to specialized companies. “

As soon as you buy an apartment or a house with the help of a mortgage voucher, or start building it, you should be clear that you want to be here practically for life.
Mortgage vs semuve for years.

At the same time, think about how your position is employed. For a hunter, who often moves due to work-related complexity, it is much more suitable to rent an apartment.

You also invite the availability of public transport and trade. If you do not have children to go, keep in mind that one day they will come and then you will live their place and transport to colleges. Is there enough of them in your area?

At the moment when you start thinking about a mortgage, it is good to be aware of all the costs that will be charged for the entire period of payment. And it’s not just about a loan, including a mortgage fee and kept here. “Buying an apartment on a mortgage does not mean that the cost of living will only shrink until the mortgage is paid,” points out Petra Horkov Kritofov.

Enter the game so he gave regular expenses. The owner of the apartment has to pay to the repair fund and has to deal with the fact that the property needs to be maintained. According to Skora, investments associated with house gossip represent about one and two percent of the property price. If you live in a rented apartment, the investment in these repairs and reconstructions does not matter. They must be paid by the owner of the apartment (see more in our previous line).

The regular costs include expenditures on energy, water, insured real estate and households. And if you insure yourself against the inability to pay the mortgage, then in the family budget you also pay the payment for this insurance. For example, in the case of two million mortgages with a maturity of 20 years, it is around one thousand crowns msn (see more in our previous line).

Experts clearly do not recommend “going so-called” when fulfilling the mortgage. It is always good to have a financial reserve, experts mention the group in about six months.

The reserve is needed primarily for two reasons. The insurance company will pay for vs after about two months and so only for a limited time – a maximum of one year.

And secondly, even at the time when the fixation is over, the bank will increase the annual rate, which will represent a small installment for you. If you cannot refinance your mortgage and get a lower rate, you may have to reserve your reserves.

An important role is also played by possible disputes, which the hunter would use simultaneously with the mortgage to buy real estate. “The period when banks massively provided so-called 100% mortgages was over,” said Petra Horkov Kritofov.

One hundred percent mortgages still exist and on some projects every eight clients take them, but according to Horkov Kritofovby, at least 15 percent of the value of the property should have been paid by the recipient of the mortgage. This, of course, has a positive effect on years of rates. Compared to mortgages at 70-85 percent, years are one hundred percent mortgage rates by 1.5 percentage points.

  • Thanks to the mortgage, you own a home, so you invest in your own.
  • At least for the period of fixing the years of the rate, you can rely on regular expenses and you can deduct the paid deposit for the years paid.
  • A hunter who decides to invest in his home must keep in mind that a mortgage is a lifelong commitment.
  • The mortgage has a family budget for years with a regular non-petty and its owner “settled” in one place.
  • For a hunter, you can also become a risky bundle if you have a long-term illness and lose your job.
  • You can leave the apartment at any time and rent another one.
  • You do not have to worry about expensive reconstructions and repairs, the owner of the apartment is paying for vs.
  • Pronjem is vtinou levnj not mortgage.
  • Life in a rented apartment can happen unsuitable before the owner has an immediate contract, or a significant increase.

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