Mortgage, insurance, charity. Don’t forget to dream daov deposit

No one wants to pay a high tax and still there are legal possibilities, as the payment of the tax is something to dream about. If you bought an apartment, you still support charity.

By November 15, enter the patin confirmed wages etn in your company. Or they are pilots for tax returns, if you hand it in yourself.

When you send a thousand crowns a month for life insurance, it does not mean that you are taxed a thousand crowns, but you will not be taxed a thousand crowns. Dream of it, the so-called tax base, or the piece from which it can only be recovered. Because everyone pays fifteen percent income tax, they actually own 1,800 crowns a year.

And for what documents does it pay to damn in shit? For confirmation of years paid on the mortgage or from the debt of the building society, about payments for life insurance or supplementary pension. If you donated blood, look for confirmation from the transfusion station, if you donated to charity, you will not forget the donation contract.

If you have not yet received a confirmation from the bank or insurance company, call the contact center and ask where the error is. Confirmation does not send a recommendation, so it could be wandering somewhere. Submit, and I’ll go one way.

When you can’t get all the confirmations in the middle of the hole, don’t despair, don’t miss the year for the tax. You basically have two options. Buy a flower or a neighborhood and stop behind you with a begging if she would not accept the documents after the deadline. If you don’t succeed, nothing is lost, but you will have to fill in the tax return yourself. With a simple tax return, you can fit into a thousand crowns.

1. years from vru to housing – uette and 45 000 K

If you have shared your own housing, you can re-apply the years you paid from the mortgage or building savings (both from the so-called day and the hell).

Salary for the purchase or reconstruction of an apartment, family and apartment building. If you have shared a cottage for the pension, which is approved as a holiday home, even if you live permanently in it, you cannot use the years paid for the loan as a deductible item.

Be careful, only take years, not the whole payment you send to the bank. If you have more, you can take six years.

How many: In total, you can donate a maximum of 300 thousand crowns a year and a household, as well as a thousand and 45 thousand crowns.

If you have completed only one hundred years, the deductible fee may not exceed 25 thousand crowns for each MSC paid year.

What you need to do: The original confirmed from the bank, which you will automatically receive sweat, if not, file the bank, and in the document box again.

Where to write: In tax returns, fill in box 47.

2. ivotn pojitn – uette a 1 800 K

The tax is advantageous for insurance policies, where you can find out, ie when you have agreed capital or investment life insurance or insurance with a single insurance policy. At the same time, you must meet the condition of two edestek to have an insurance contract concluded before the age of 60 and do not cover it for less than 60 msc.

If you have a “doit” insurance policy (when you reach the end of the contract, you will be paid a pension), you must have a certain insurance policy. This must be at least 40 thousand crowns (when the contract will be less than 15 years old) or 70 thousand crowns (when the contract will be less than 15 years old).

If you also pay your disability once under this insurance, you will not receive these pensions from the tax. As a deductible item, you can only have a life insurance.

You do not even have the pension that your employer contributes to your life insurance contribution. These are not taxed.

How many: The tax base can be reduced by 12 thousand crowns per year, ie the same and 1,800 crowns.

You can find a tax suitable for the payment of taxes on the confirmation from the life insurance company.

What you need to do: You will automatically receive the original confirmed by the insurance company.

Where to write: In tax returns, fill in box 49.

3. Pension connection – one a 1 800 K

Payment of taxes can also be made thanks to savings in the pension fund. You can deduct the payment from the tax deposit, be careful to use the entire amount of 12 thousand crowns, you have to pay 18 thousand crowns to the pension fund. On the first 6ths (500 crowns per month) you will receive a contribution, so do not ask for a discount. Daov favor meteor and gave pensions, the most bag tiscikorunu msn. Here, too, you must follow the double-edged rule. Up to 60 years and at least 60 msc spoen.

While on the confirmation from the insurance company you have the amount to deduct directly stated, you have to calculate it yourself for the pension connection. The document from the fund only lists the amount you paid for the connection in a year.

If you received a confirmation from the pension fund and poured less than 6 thousand crowns on it (if you regularly see 200 crowns a month, it will be 2,400 crowns on the confirmation), you can keep the document, but they will not send it for the tax. Odette what you pay paid 6 thousand crowns, mostly 12 thousand crowns a year.

How many: Not more than 1,800 crowns a year.

What you need to do: You will automatically receive the original confirmed by the pension fund.

Where to write: In the tax return, fill in box 48.

4. Donations and charity – 1.5% of the tax base

You can donate a pension, but you can also donate a car or furniture to a retirement home.

It must be a gift from an organization that is listed in the tax code (municipalities, regions, schools and medical facilities, charities, animal protection). It is a gift provided in the Czech Republic and other countries of the EU, Norway and Iceland.

How many: The final amount you donate to charity must be at least a thousand crowns and the tax levy will be no more than 10 percent of your tax base. Pi donated thousand crowns more than 150 crowns.

A special case is the crushing of blood. For each free donation of blood or blood derivatives, you can dream of two thousand crowns, which will bring you a profit of 300 crowns.

The number of items is not limited.

What you need to do: Therefore, always have a donor contract written or you have an expert estimate of the donated property.

Keep proof of blood donation from the transfusion station, or you will fly a copy of the holder’s ID.

Where to write: In tax returns, fill in box 46.

5. Odborov pspvky – uette a 450 K

Who is employed by the unions of the organization, I can dream of a tax base for contributions paid during the year.

How many: You can dream about 1.5 percent of taxable income, at most a bag of 3,000 crowns, a dispute of 450 crowns.

What you need to do: Apply for a confirmed union. Where to write: In tax returns, fill in box 50.

6. Dal vzdlvn – uette a 2 250 K

You can also walk away from the tax base for casting tests to verify the results of further education. The field you are expanding your distance from must be related to your career and business. For example, the FCE certificate can be defended today, but the pensioner will not recognize the car mechanic by finishing the fishing course.

You must pay for the exam yourself, it must not be paid by the employer. For entrepreneurs, costs must not be included in ethnicity and tax records. Whoever pays in Paul, let me put the costs in the distance.

How many: You can get a maximum of 10 thousand crowns a year, a disabled person 13 thousand and a little disabled and 15 thousand crowns a year.

What you need to do: The invoice and the original confirmation of payment, the best certificate of performance of the test.

Where to write: Up to 51 daovy pans.

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