Model: Car rental agreement

The loan agreement is regulated in provisions 659 et seq. Obanskho konku. The loan agreement will give the borrower the first right to a free notice for the agreed period. Unlike the loan agreement, it is a matter determined individually (not the types of species determined by the pension are, for example, pensions).

The Borrower does not become the owner of the borrowed item, but only has to state this thing first to the agreed extent, with the fact that the Borrower has the consequent obligation to return this individually determined thing (not another thing of the same type) first. The loan agreement does not require a special form. As a rule, in life, we enter into such a contract, nor are we aware of the risks associated with it. These are cases where a friend takes a car for the weekend, lye for children for a week and the whole season, or a neighbor’s electric saw.

Beware of risks

The lender is obliged to hand over to the borrower things in a state eligible for the day in (660 Civil Code). You need to remember this first when driving a car, the device and above. If your car does not brake and you have a problem with the electric saw, you should not lend such things to anyone. If these things are the subject of the loan and the front of the borrower was not in the bottom condition, then the borrower is responsible for the code. If you need to keep special rules (for example, instructions, technical standard, etc.), the lender is obliged to acquaint the borrower with them, unless the rules are generally known. This will be especially the case when it is an input of the device, which you need to operate unusually and also to take care of it abnormally. If the lender has not fulfilled this obligation, he is obliged to replace the code resulting from this. And on the other hand, if the borrower’s borrower does not draw attention to these special items, he is not the first to reimburse the code that he incurs on the case of the wrong external borrower.

In practice, we can only recommend the payer to use more than me. It is thus possible to prevent many misunderstandings and inconveniences that a friend is refueling a car with a car, not there, a place back, which is unusual in your car, speed, etc. Such a failed job has permanently ended many friendships.

Beware of insurance

In practice, it is advisable to check whether the insurance policy taken out by the owner of the thing covers even any code incurred on the thing at the time when it will be given by the creditor. It doesn’t always have to be that way. In addition, in the case of leases (especially cars) for leasing, their budget is limited to leasing contracts, so it is necessary to study it carefully. It is thus appropriate to regulate in the loan agreement the liability of the contracting parties in the event of damage to the goods during the duration of the loan.

Uvn vypjen vci

The Payer is entitled to state the time and in accordance with the element agreed in the contract or for whom it usually serves; he is obliged to protect it from damage, loss or destruction. It is necessary to deal with a certain amount of wear and tear, but if there is a lot of gossip, then the payer is obliged to perform such gossip, pop. ensure. Costs with such gossip shall be borne by the Borrower, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. Unless otherwise agreed, the payer may not leave anything inside. If the debtor has given persons in cash, he is liable to the debtor for any code incurred.

The payer is obliged to drill vc as soon as he does not need it, at the latest by the end of the set time of switching on. If the agreed return time is not agreed, the borrower is obliged to return the amount on the first day when he was invited by the creditor to return the item. The lender may request a refund even before the end of the set period of switching on, if the lender does not return the goods or if he contradicts them in conflict with the purpose he serves.

The conceptual feature of vpjka is its free of charge. If it is a matter of money for a salary or other consideration, it will not be an contribution, but an amount of it. This is the case with various sports equipment rentals, such as wheels or bicycles, construction equipment rentals or car rentals, where individual items are usually paid for a fee. However, the contribution may be in the case of various advertising campaigns, e.g. in mountain resorts, where there are free lye test rooms. According to the case law of the Supreme Court, both the building and the apartment may be the subject of the loan.

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