Mnov premium deposit EUR 93 esk spoitelny

Until 13 February 2007, the offer of the Czech Savings Bank for the payment of free funds to the Monetary premium deposit of EUR 93 will be valid. persons. Minimum deposit in 10 ths. crowns and its multiples, the deposit is estimsn, the so-called matures 15.8.2007.

The input depends on the daily development of the exchange rate of the Czech koruna to the euro. year with a daily rate of 0.3% pa ​​or 3% pa ​​You can reach the year of the rate if the EUR / CZK exchange rate announced by the NB for a given day does not leave the letter (without extreme values). The course on 14 February 2007 will be decided for the determination of the dog, the limits will then be 10 halls. over 50 h. below nm. The resulting deposit will be the sum of the deposit for each day of the year.


+ zzen and kept a deposit is free
+ deposit and its entry according to the same insurance as the current term
+ possibility to have a person, the first of them can be the same as the first owner of the deposit


– in case of premature payment, the penalty is 2% (the client will receive 98% of the principal without deposit on the day of notice or on the day following)
– years of input of natural persons are taxed by a final Serbian tax of 15% (even over a period of 6 months)
– if the EUR / NB exchange rate announced by the NB is outside the set letter, the deposits of the direct deposit are more pronounced than in the case of a regular term deposit

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