Meet the family budget and agree on where to teach

If you want to pay a fee and ask where your pension is? Make a family budget and write down what you spend. Find out that you can easily delete certain items.

“A very nice young family lived on the street from me. Petr Nov works as a bus driver and his wife Monika first got to work after matesk. Take care of Terezka and worry about retirement, ”this is how the model from the Understanding Retirement project works.

“Where are all the pensions?” Mr. Monika regularly a week before payment. If the manel’s salary comes to mind, I feel that they are dark gods. First, of course, it is necessary to pay for it, call the phone and the installments, and manage me with what is left – even so, Mr. Monika feels that they have enough money.

Petr works as a public bus bus driver in our district city and the same house will bring about 17,500 crowns. Monika dl kadenici in the salon at nmst. He issued about 14 thousand of the same, and both customers would let him go for a bill. A total of 6,600 crowns is paid for renting an apartment. Splcej consumer, including 3,700 crowns, and Petr jet has to pay for the old motorbike he bought in installments. Msn costs him 1,500 crowns. Therefore, the obligatory payments do not represent even half of the household budget.

It was only during the month that their pension gradually became so shaky. And before paying – as the first one – Monika has to turn over every crown. If you and Terezka could go to the cinema, let me think about it.

Monika sometimes dreamed: “I really like to rent an apartment, which my husband and I repaired. Only 2 + 1 u for us with daughter zan bt pli mal. I would not like to see us in a house where you could play in the garden. ” And he forgot: “When Peter and I met, we were so acn pr. In lt on the water, in winter on the lye – such a life we ​​enjoyed. When I was a mother, I knew there were no pensions. But I would really like to go somewhere again when I work again. It’s so time for Terezka to start skiing – but do you know how much ski passes and equipment for dt cost today? Don’t like to think! ”

Car, vacation at the sea, new furniture, sweat, television – all this would be useful for Novch families. But where to get it? Neither Monika nor Petr want to be indebted headlong.

Recommended Reason pension

Not that you can spend what time you spend and how much. Rodin Novch and the others I would advise you to sit down at the table with fat, paper and a calculator one evening and start fighting.

1. Remember all the incomes
Spot your income first. Set everything you need to get on your hand or hand:

  • vplatu
  • social support doors
  • please
  • live
  • property rental income
  • dwarf from brigd, pivdlek from business

2. Do not cover the data
And then pichz ta hor st, vdav. N will definitely include:

  • njemn or mortgage
  • energy in the apartment
  • phones
  • internet
  • cable television
  • concession fees
  • spltky vech vr
  • regular spoons
  • fuses (including compulsory insurance)
  • wheel charges and rings dt
  • pocket for children

But don’t do it.
Try to estimate how much you spend each msc per:

  • jdlo
  • drugs and drugstores
  • transport (public and petrol to the car)
  • kosmetika, kadenictv
  • obleen a obuv
  • called (krmen, okovn, nvtvy in veterinary medicine)
  • culture, sports, handjobs

And on top of that, items that people often forget, but which definitely represent the kind to the family budget, such as restaurants, cigarettes and sweets.

3. Shodnte se na sporch
When in sepeta, deduct from the receipt of the total expenditure. See how you’re doing. If you have a pension left, it’s great. If you are at zero, mon naase zat a little etit. If your pension is missing, you have to pay for your situation quickly. A detailed family budget can be the first step to change. Then you should have a joint meeting on which items you are willing to teach. You should agree on that.

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