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Not incapacitated, I’ll be happy to take a vacation, or I’ll buy a shoe and sweat the heat on the weekend. So today, the breeding of a number of employed people. Thanks to this, the sick leave is still in deficit since the end of the year. In the case of sickness courts, more is paid than how much is paid on the insurance premium.

According to Sdruen, the mere buried in the throat is not a practical reason for the employed people to go to their doctor’s office.

Patients prick, and when they have high fevers and are unable to control the disease themselves. While two of us had about 30 and 40 patients in incapacity for work, today there are about five in incapacity for work. They are at the same time a long-term illness, for example, patients after a heart attack, to Irena Kudrnovsk, speaking Sdruen practitioners.

Manaei stonaj stle jen minimln

For the first quarter of this year, the Czech Social Security Administration (SSZ) recorded a sharp gap in the number of vacant days and a decrease in incapacity for work. In the first quarter of 2010, we survived 17 million days, which is a fifth less than in the same period of 2009. Temporary incapacity for work decreased by 21 percent, according to Alena Frakov, SSZ specialist.

Some employers warn that the amount of incapacity for work is not the same for all professions. We record the highest morbidity in manual positions and sales. Morbidity in managerial and administrative positions is minimal, says Luk Hora from Ahold, which operates the Albert retail chain and employs over 14,000 people.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MLSA), morbidity in the Czech Republic is approaching the EU standard. At the same time, the level of illness in the Czech Republic is still not in Slovakia, points out the speech of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Filipov.

Billions of crowns for sickness

The company, which registers the Czech Social Security Administration, confirms that due to changes in the payment of sickness benefits, their abuse has been significantly reduced.

Last year, 4,108 people broke the average regime, which is a decrease of about 7,000 cases compared to 2005. In the first quarter of this year, 621 people were dying of sickness due to violations of the skull regime (more in the article here).

How many people violated lebn reim
How many people violated lebn reim
Year Poet ppad
2010 621*
2009 4 108
2008 6 851
2007 10 312
2006 9 521
2005 11 066
Zdroj: SSZ, * give for the 1st company 2010

Compared to previous years, the number of sick people

For comparison: last year, the Czech Social Security Administration paid out 18.2 billion crowns to people with disabilities, while in previous years the state paid 25 and 28 billion crowns on sick leave.

Income and expenditure of sickness insurance (in billions of crowns)
Income and expenditure of sickness insurance (in billions of crowns)
2010 year Sickness insurance payments Expenditure on sick leave Deficit
members a bezen 5,744 6,021 0,277
January and April 7,769 7,942 0,173
Source: MLSA

Income from sickness insurance does not cover the total expenditure. According to information from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the deficit for the first quarter of 2010 amounted to 277 million crowns.

Pechzen illness is prodrait me

At the same time, practitioners warn that they record cases where patients refuse incapacity for work even when it is necessary to stay at home at rest, for example with antibiotics.

The reasons for such a people are especially important: sick pay is no more, and people are so afraid of losing their jobs. The disease does not occur, because even from relatively innocent diseases, there are also other diseases, which often require work and care, to speak to VZP Ji Rod.

In case of insufficient respiratory disease there is a threat of pneumonia and bronchopneumonia. These serious lung diseases are a common cause of death among young people, points out Pavel Kubek, director of the Mdia health insurance company.

Medical leave with stv benefit

Some employers have introduced a benefit in the form of paid leave in the event of a short-term illness. We want the holiday to be used for our employees, especially for rest and regeneration, to talk to VZP, which provides its employees with a wall to reimburse them for those days of illness.

Komern banka employees can choose two days off during the calendar year. For example, employees of Prask energetiky also have free days off. And for example, esk spoitelna, which employs about 11,000 employees, can even take five days off. In addition, employees have an extended week’s leave.

How do you have a short-term illness?

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