Map: Where will he go? And who’s looking for a new employee?

Unemployment in the Czech Republic rose to 3.6 percent in May. Nevertheless, we still have the lowest unemployment rate in the entire European Union. How did the development of the labor market give a chief human resources? Where will he be freed and where will new employees be hired?

As of 31 May 2020, R (P) registered a total of 2,66144 job applicants. This is the highest number since February 2018. Jan Karmazn, the director of the employment department of the General Directorate of Labor, Jan Karmazn, is now entering the register of job seekers.

At present, people who come from the field of services, especially public catering, retail, wholesale, hospitality and transport, give about job placement and inclusion in the register of job seekers.

Although unemployment has risen in May this year, this is not a sharp increase. It will probably continue in other months, but it will still be slower, me Jan Karmazn. A total of 42 employers reported a number of mass redundancies at the end of May 2020. This step should affect 3345 employees in the following months.

These include the operation of stationary machines, metalworking and engineering debtors, workers in the field of personal, information services and sales, as well as technical and professional workers in the field of science and technology, including the work of Katein Bernkov.

However, he draws attention to the fact that if the employer reports a mass redundancy, it does not mean that people will immediately lose their jobs. Mass redundancies usually occur in a few months, and may not occur 100%. It is just a matter of change and this is different from the situation on the labor market and the employer.

Where will he break

The latest Randstad survey found that the biggest breakthroughs in the automotive and trade and services sectors. The vast majority of manufacturing companies have so far tried to hit employees and chose the path of bakery on the part of the employer and use the exchange rate. Therefore, it can be expected that the measures in many companies will continue to last. However, the question is what will happen after the end of government support. Jacek Kowalak, the director of the personnel consulting company Randstad, will in particular take place.

Propoutt will be in manufacturing, transport and tourism. And so in industries where sales have increased abroad. A large drop in orders and demand for the automotive industry, where it will also affect companies on it, said František Boudn, director of the Pedvbr.CZ staffing agency.

According to Hays company manager Sndor Bodnr, the company will never know how the situation will develop and flourish. There is no massive decline in the number of open positions, the employer keeps open two quality candidates who are now active on the market.

At the moment, it is not possible to estimate how deeply the crisis has affected individual industries or what will happen when companies become second insolvent. It is necessary to pay attention to the data for the second quarter. We are trying to prevent the Ministry from getting lost, say Jan Malov, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

There is a real concern based on the analyzes of economists. Economists from the National Economic Council of the Government or the Central Crisis will fix the unemployment rate at seven and ten percent during the autumn. Let’s keep the bag open so that it doesn’t happen, add Malov.

According to them, the labor market is positively influenced by the Antivirus program, which focuses directly on employees and the protection of specific jobs, especially by its conditions, when, for example, if a company benefits from this program, the employee must not be liable. The Ministry regularly evaluates the situation in detail and then comes up with proposals for further assistance. They took measures such as the extension of the Antivirus A and B programs until the end of August, the proposal for the Antivirus C regime, increased the number to 80 percent, even backwards. So let’s stay in order to get as far as possible, and while it looks like it’s getting better, Jana Malov adds.

The new running Outplacement program will allow people to find a new job at a time when they did not receive notice, but state that the threat of mass redundancy. Clem is that the people do not even get into his records even with the help of a lot of work.

where it will be taken

But there are fields where it will be accepted. We will be looking for experts and specialists in IT, service technicians and construction managers, and recently we have noticed a high number of demand for people in warehouses due to the number of trade through e-shops, informs František Boudn.

This is confirmed by the offer of vacancies offered by a series of jobs, which is still high today. The employer is currently in demand by new employees in agriculture, forestry, construction, logistics, e-shops and qualified craftsmen, analysts and software developers.

A slightly larger employer is evident in the positions of financial analysts and controllers, and in the medical devices sector, adds Sndor Bodnr from Hays.

The good first thing is that when you are looking for new employees at the company, they are interested in the number of employees. About a quarter of companies that hire new people, demand the same or even more people before the crisis.

On the other hand, a full 27 percent of companies this year go full. Due to the fact that the people lost their original work during the current and May, the market shows a very strong increase in the number of candidates for jobs at the end of May by 40 percent. The average number of responses to one position has almost tripled compared to last year, so companies can choose from a large number of registered positions with a smaller number of occupied positions, summarizes the labor market analyst at LMC Tom Ervn Dombrovsk.

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