Manelstv versus free volume. Chomout is financially appropriate

Manelstv brings with it a number of financial benefits. Many more partners prefer a free bundle. Manel can tax, pay and take pensions more appropriately.

1.How are daov benefits

The newlyweds ‘pjkm and the common seeming manel are over, but the manners’ constants still favor. Financial support from the state is a managerial provision provided through tax measures. The main tax advantage is a discount on a mane or wife without income. Here, in the tax return for income tax or in the annual amount with the employer, it can be applied in the amount of 24840 crowns, if the spouse does not own more than 68000 crowns per year, explains the tax advisor of TaxVision Blanka Tarmanov.

If the final partner is the holder of the ZTP / P order, then it is possible to apply the discount even in double vi, ie in the value of 49680 crowns. The discount is either paid by the employer in the future, or it can be applied in the tax return.

According to the tax advantage of manel, that when selling or acquiring real estate, which they have in the common name of manel, give only one tax return. Both the real estate transfer tax and the real estate tax. Piznn podv any of the manels. If they are not their own, they must file each co-owner separately. The same day only for one of the manles salary and for income from rent, adds Blanka Tarmanov.

2.How are ddick benefits

In the event that one of the manes of the earth, the other of the manes is included in the first of the divorces together with the children of the deceased according to the actual sequence. If the child is not in the marriage, the child prefers children in the first line and gives birth to the deceased.

In the case that the species is only a species of the earth, dd, if it does not give birth to the earth, and in this case the child together with the siblings of the earth, under the conditions that at least one year before death in the household, describes Her Hartmann from lawyers Hartmann, Jelnek, Fra and partners.

3.Jak is dchodov entrance

The widow’s and widower’s pension is a bet of only the last man. Entitlement to this pension for a period of one year after the death of the partner partner only if he received an old-age or invalidity pension from the country, or if he died as a result of a work trip.

In the case of tragic deaths, when it is not a work once, the decision on a survivor’s pension is determined by whether the farmer would be entitled to a disability pension on the day of his death. Since 2012, the right has been established even if, at the time of death, the conditions for the right to an early retirement pension have been met (see here).

Widows and widowers’ pensions are not widows or widowers after one year if they have reached retirement age or if they are caring for a dependent child, the birth or birth of a manger who lives with them in the household and is up to them, explains Ji Hartmann .

4.How good is the pedmanelsk contract

If you decide to enter into a marriage, it is good to know that all property matters are subject to a marriage contract. When the relationship does not work out, the divorce is simple and a scramble for property is avoided.

By the pedmanel contract, the spouses can adjust the joint name of the divergent from the different law. It separates the names of future spouses, determines the formation of a common name as of the date of termination of marriages, as well as regulates the birth or scope of the common name of spouses, to attorney Ji Hartmann.

As he adds, the new civil law allows, in addition, to enter the pedantry agreement into a public list by means of a note. Thanks to this, they will prevent possible objections on the part of three persons who challenge its validity with the conclusion that the existence of the contract did not occur.

In the event of the death of one of the manners, the pedmanel contract is implicit. It is not possible to protect the spouses from the creditor in the event that the other partner of the country and leave debts. For these situations, the law provides so-called creditor protection, which means that in the event of a dead man’s liability, the other partner is always responsible for the man’s debts, says Ji Hartmann.

The contract may be concluded for the existing common name, but the contract is not reversed otherwise. If it were possible to adjust the matrimonial property regime back to a certain date, asthma would be misused first in the sense that receivables arose from the joint name of the matrimonial system would be returned to the foundation of the contractual regime between the manners from the common name and their subsequent application could If only the property of one of the men was owned, the creditor would be severely curtailed on his first, explains Ji Hartmann.

As he adds, the contract on the manual property regime can also be entered into the public list by means of a note.

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