Mandatory ruen on hail is not. You must have an emergency connection

On Sunday evening, Kroupy damaged many cars not only in Prague. Damage caused by a natural disaster is not subject to ruin. Those who have accidental insurance or insurance of sales risks can apply for the replacement of the code.

“Hail damaged the main hood of the car. We have aisles there, like from golf clubs, ”says Radim, a 30-year-old from Prague. There is a lot to hear about such a sigh. The question is whether the insurance company pays the code.

Those who are obliged to be liable for insurance against natural disasters or accident insurance may be at peace.

People should report the code in each case. But according to Milan Kni from Kooperativa, there is nowhere to rush. “It’s when our clients report the code by the end of this week. It’s not a problem when they didn’t call on Monday morning, “the press says.

You can report the code by phone or e-mail. Don’t worry about your own photos of the car. It is better to take a picture of the code, but the employee of the insurance company will document the sm.

It is better not to take separate steps, get advice from the insurance company. “On the telephone line, depending on the type, the client is advised to recommend the most suitable variant of the next procedure. Until he receives a call from a mobile technician or a liquidator, he should not have it repaired without inspection, ”explains Dagmar Koutsk from esk pojiovny.


The vehicle should be inspected by an employee of the insurance company or a contracted service center. Pojiovny have a contract with several services, where people can have their car inspected. You can find car repair shops on the connection pages. The insurance company thus tries to prevent insurance fraud.

Binding companies can design two variants of how to code eit. They will find out what it means that the liquidator has sent out how much the insurance company will pay you and you have it repaired somewhere in the service or by invoice. Repair on an invoice means that you have the car repaired and then fly the invoice together. It is not always possible for the insurance company to pay the entire fee. You must know the code and send it.

Beware of complicity. In the case of accident insurance, a co-payment is so often agreed, which can cost you even 10,000 crowns. If in such a case the code is six thousand crowns, the code must still be paid sm.

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