Mandatory ruen from Kooperativa is a novelty of the year and the introduction of the Golden Crown

A record number of 144,000 voters decided on the Golden Crown competition. GE Money Bank and its Internet bank defended the public award. The new NA100PRO from Kooperativa became a novelty of the year.

The Golden Crown competition has been helping the public navigate its wide range of banking and insurance products for nine years. Leton ronk was one of the best in history. The competition was dominated by 206 products from 77 financial companies, which were evaluated by Finann Academy and composed of 385 independent experts.

In the main category New of the Year letosslavilospch required ruen. Increased Mandatory liability NA100PRO with live insurance and insurance independent of the accident Kooperativa pojiovny. The second city was occupied by Fio Bn et free of charge from Fio Bank. At the end of the competition then ended 1. Mandatory ruin without obligation with mucus codes through the smartphone application esk pojiovny.

The public had the opportunity to vote for a total of 717 products via the Internet and SMS. In this year’s ninth round of the competition, a record 1,14101 participants voted, who decided that GE Money Bank Internet Banka is the most popular internet banking product this year. The type is mKonto mBank and Tet Nzk hypospltka Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelny.

“At present, hundreds of financial products are offered on the Czech financial market and their independent evaluation over time has become an indispensable decision-making client. The high number of voting public confirms that the competition and its results are still important for the general public, ”said economist Michal Mejstk, only the councilor of the Finann Academy of the Zlat koruna competition.

Results in the main categories Gold of the crown

New for the year:

  1. Mandatory liability NA100PRO with live insurance and accidental insurance, Kooperativa pojiovna
  2. Fio Bn et bez podplatk podnikatelsk, Fio Bank
  3. First Obligatory ruin No obligation with mucus codes via smartphone application, esk pojiovna

Public price:

  1. Internet Banka, GE Money Bank
  2. mKONTO – personal, mBank – BRE Bank SA, the organization of the company
  3. Nzk hypospltka, Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna

Entrepreneur price:

  1. mBUSINESS ACCOUNT, mBank – BRE Bank SA, organized by the company
  2. Calculation for natural persons, entrepreneurs and primary persons, GE Money Bank
  3. JISTOTA, esk pojiovna

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