Make your own fruit. They fight with the sale, but they can do it even without subsidies

Collect one value after another. But you are most appreciated by customers. The family company produces its motifs and receipts in the Blch Carpathians, in a city where the sale is almost untouched and certain. Such want your products.

Tom Konek started his own business in 1990, selling agricultural machinery. His two sons, Tom and Matj, worked for the company for a long time, painted the curbs, mowed permanently, and cleaned up. During the high rounds, they started full time, with a new generation of business and a new direction of business, and Ovock was formed. We wanted the name to be evident in our name, ie to create from local raw materials, in Czech companies, for Czech (Slovak) consumers, to Tom Konek mlad.

Isn’t that a bit of a leap from selling tractors to making fruit motifs?
Tom ml.:
It is, but to go in addition, we actually got a little silent about the motm. We have delivered (fresh) fresh dairy farms through our silks. Thanks to that, we found out how huge the difference is compared to the silk, which is sold in stores. And we saw a parallel with other foods, and we came across motes. At that time, it was almost impossible to buy motifs from us that would be of high quality, Czech and really gently preserved. And because we had a lot of contact with the local growers, we started to buy fruit from them, we built one of our halls for production, we sold a press, filters, pasteurizer, filler and started making it.

Was it a good thing that your dad’s company worked here?
Tom ml.: Definitely yes, what about the finances, the first three years we were in the red, because we pushed the business, this company worked with us from its own profit. But then we turned it around and today we stand firmly on our own two feet. Of course, we have operational financing and will still meet the investment in technology in the breath of millions. But we are proud that we did not draw days of subsidies. Today we have about 20 people, our own sales team and warehouses in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Last year, we achieved a turnover of 35 million.

What are the rules and conditions of food production and what do you have to comply with and observe?
Tom ml.:
We must strictly follow the legislation. Natst is not as much as for animal production, but it has its own specifics. We put a lot of emphasis on the raw material, we know our suppliers, we know how to grow fruit. They are all members of the Integrated Production Association, which takes care of protection periods and uses only the necessary amount of protection. Thanks to this, we can also meet the strict limits of soft metals or pesticide residues, which clearly defines the intent for special foods, including products for children under three years of age, which are first and foremost. Enter our kits from last year into the BIO mode and we know that if it goes on time, we could get certification this year.

Did you create your own sets for? Was there no quality fruit?
The fruit grew quite nicely and we wished that in order to have 100% control over the quality, it would be great to really have your own fruit. In addition, we had someone in the family who would give it up, how to do it, want to do it and where (smch). I also took on the betting of orchards on the farm and I’m getting old now. It took a year, but we have our own apricots, pears, vests, sea buckthorn, wine and more. Only apples are grown in our area so much and so great that we still buy them from the surrounding growers.

Today, make not only motifs, but also puree and fruit drizzle. Is that in case, or have the customers asked for it?
Tom ml.:
This is a natural development. Nov throat products thnou. We saw in the market a kind that fit into the philosophy of young families, namely twenty children of goodness instead of sugar and dyes. Both the pyr and the rafters under it, we stand for me as a sign – use them in the same ingredients as the motes, in the same quality and do not contain anything other than Czech-Slovak fruit. dn added sugar, preservatives, starch, dyes. And everything is perfect for children. But therefore, especially with rafts, we have succeeded quite well in adults. Fast and healthy snack, on a bike or in the open air. kme to the liking of lep kala. (smch)

Fruit is a family business. Are you always the same, or do you have a division of competencies?
Tom st.:
Powers are clearly defined. The main word is Tom, the others have an advisory function in strategic decision-making. And Tom has so much that he can’t talk to Matja and opan, it’s also peace (smch). But vn, sometimes it’s not easy, but it works. That will probably tell anyone who has children in the company. There is, of course, a general difference, experience versus predatory billions, ambitions, new technologies and ideas. We can catch on nicely, but there is always an agreement and a compromise, and I appreciate that.

matj: And then there’s my mother, who ‘s in charge of the operational agenda and taking care of the family, it’ s such a crazy game that can solve our disputes diplomatically and seal the whole family.

You have received a number of awards for your products. Which ones do you want the most?
Tom st.:
Upmn? We got a lot of them, but I appreciate the most from customers. Stran kli, huh? But when I really sweat the most on the street, which he puts in his pocket and tastes like it. Because it’s not worth it, just like it or not. But we value a lot of the awards that are taken to the region in which we are at home, because we know that we not only take from that region, but also return it to him.

How has the coronavirus epidemic affected?
Tom ml.:
She sent us a lot and we fight to go under it. Customers buy a lot less, and when u, so especially a large suitable package of motto and puree for home and products with sea buckthorn, because it is full of vitamin C and supports immunity. Two were mainly for the assortment of pockets, which are ideal for the outside, in a handbag, in a cork. Let’s put all your energy into online sales support, where you can take small steps, because the difference is to handle 10 bales or 200 a day.

Matj K.: Well, most of the orchards are currently blooming, we are selling a long break, we also follow the weather forecast a lot and we are preparing for the season.

And I’m afraid to ask what it looks like in the orchards. Didn’t apricots freeze?
I have to knock it this year. Only frosty apricot peila, so I hope we have this danger behind us. Let’s meet the sale like all peasants. We’ve had enough for the fact that it’s only been five years: the whole apricot froze, only the nits then, completely dry. At least we can fight the drought, two years ago we invested in irrigation.

What is the longest for spch in business by vs?
Tom ml.:
Fruit has taught you that you need to be flexible, open and take any change in the situation or new competition as a challenge. Don’t stress, but have fun looking for one. Because otherwise we would go crazy (smch) in a world where every msc is recommended and damned by something else.

Tom st.: But you always feel like you’re behind it for a long time. We have not changed our approach, elephant or recipe since the establishment of Fruit. We do not want to pursue any trend, but to build something stable that customers can always count on to never change their quality.

matj: I consider it a hurry that we can all make it together and it works. I do not interfere much in business as such, but I am glad that thanks to Ovocka he enjoys working on a farm, in orchards and making it tangible.

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