Make the sun go to a dirty billion ron. That will change soon

In the Czech Republic, there is a rise in the increase in compulsory liability for bad guys, who cause billions of codes for kadoron. They could be tamed by sharp rush on insurance prices. This year, Allianz introduced the pirates, the rest of the connection has been blooming.

“Our people are used to the fact that the most obligatory guarantee they can get is the price table, which is the price of the average price. Good then enough and a 50 percent discount, ie a bonus. Applying only the discount system is a mistake, ”said Jakub Strnad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Allianz Pojiovny.

As in Germany, according to Strand, it is necessary to introduce the so-called malus in our country. So a noticeable price tag for those who break very often. “Mandatory ruen is healthy and you by 150 percent and more. The insurance company should also have a social role and contribute to the responsibility of the people. It should motivate problematic ideas to change their habits. ”

Did you tell some people that they will be obliged to ruin a deadly dear?
We have such cases. But when we tell them that they break often and we are obliged to lose their money, they often lose dm dl. We are one of the big binders who uses the pirk. Some insurance companies tried it after our example, but immediately withdrew from it again. But it doesn’t matter. We are convinced that the comparison to the price tables according to the individual here is bad and the code is right for the wrong people and it is only a difficult time to understand the whole insurance market.

If they have insurance companies in their number of problematic people, how is it?
It is connected to the profit, but add to it a time of people who drive without accidents and collisions. You constantly subsidize you patn. The fact that the insurance companies only apply a system of discounts and, moreover, a bad market, the market is more than one billion crowns, which means that they do not spend more than one billion years and they are more honest about it.

How do you know the other insurance companies that you have decided to introduce the pirate?
It is said that we have taken the first step that will move the Czech insurance industry to developed Europe, where these rules have been in force for many years. But the dark, but don’t join them. So hard to apply the system of sticks is vn decided and it also takes courage to conceive. However, I am optimistic that some of the connected companies will use the pirate system this year or in the fifth year.

How tall can pens can get problems and who should you punch?
The history of each idie can be found in the database of the esk office of the insurer since 2010. It’s not just about dirty roads, but also those who can’t drive at times and very often break down due to personal inexperience. How the system of freckles and discounts is always a matter of mathematical props. I am convinced that ev cencch pojioven should be pirka and 150 percent.

In Germany or the Anglo-Saxon countries, there is a system of pirates and discounts. How tall can pirates get an idio here?
In Germany, pirkeys are over one hundred percent, in the Anglo-Saxon world two hundred and three hundred percent. In general, young people are the most at risk. With increasing age and human experience, the risk of decline and rise again in senior age.

How many Czech people do you call notorious bourae and how are they doing with the crashes compared to the others?
The problematic people who cause the code code are less than five percent. About a quarter go down every two years and five years, five go up once every five and ten years, and go down once every ten years, that’s about 50 percent.

On Czech roads, an accident occurs every seven minutes. How do you have record holders in terms of the number and number of accidents?
The most expensive code, when the young man was to blame, happened three years ago, when the cost of insurance reached 27 million crowns. There are also seniors over the age of 80 in the group of track codes, a total of 32 of these people have caused codes worth more than 97 million crowns in recent years. As far as the code is concerned, the record holder goes, who since 2003 has had 18 codes on his account in the total amount of 270 thousand crowns.

If you join the connection, do you think that the idea will find a handle on how to avoid the pirate?
Urit yes. Even in the distance from us, this happens, for example, he gives birth to a car insurance for his 20-year-old child, who is very risky for the insurance company as an inexperienced young man. I don’t have the illusion that it will work differently in all of them, we can be very creative in business. It is then up to the couplers to set the system of peaks and discounts for compulsory liability optimally and not aggressively. If this system is used, most people will be able to pay me.

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