Make sv podzen talk, pay off in it

You don’t even realize it, all the people in your darkness have the potential for new ideas, tips and glues towards your company. Not each of them is willing to exchange my thoughts and can tell from each other. It’s up to you to get some of them in what’s in them.

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A place where you should learn from your people their ideas and comments about their work, the bike they work on, innovations in your company, etc. are meetings. You should never try to use meetings just to share information with your subordinates and not let them speak. On the contrary, you should force the consultations to get as much supporting information as possible from your darkness, which will support your joint work and the resulting results.

The problem, however, is often, and this is what this article is about, especially that we all meet in the work with people who are not willing to share their thoughts automatically. During the meeting, then just listen to the brainstorming (introverts are typical for this case). But that’s obvious, of course. As the right manager, you also want to know their opinion, not just the opinion of those who have no problem communicating their thoughts out loud. We can’t just think it’s dark.

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In order to get an opinion from a baby hunter, you need to be active about it. And you have several well-established paths. After introducing a new round for the dark (or other activity), ask each other’s opinion gradually, “I would be happy if you would gradually give me your opinion on it, you, Karl,”. Another variant is that if, for example, you want to know the opinion of a baby colleague, just ask him: “How is your opinion, Vclave? me nm or what are you thinking about that? You are an expert in this field. ” See that not a single speech will grind after this “hit”.

Introvert requires time and depth queries
When we came across introverts (assuming that the basic typological division of people into introverts and extroverts is clear today for everyone), we should know how best to get their opinion if we talk to them from to o. do not come across, with an introvert very easily.

Extroverts often speak, talk a lot, and often lose sight of him. This means, then, that we must learn to filter them. Extroverta is good to let you speak, to testify, to get to the information you need, just by asking additional questions.

On the other hand, the introvert in this is very far apart. You must get information from him. So it is best to explain to him in peace the issue you are going after, then ask him a question about his opinion and leave him with a thought, you until the next day. Only then go to them and ask about it. He will have time to thoroughly know what suits him, and I will tell you what he has come to. But be prepared to ask you a series of questions to find out everything you need to know from him.

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If you need to find out really important information (your company has problems or a significant restructuring, choose among key future partners, you need to know the opinion of individual specialists from your team on a specific project, etc.), enter all relevant questions about this topic in your subordinate writing. .

So set a fixed deadline for them to submit their answers to. Give them time for a thoughtful, thoroughly evaluated aspect of the problem. Thanks to the set deadline, he also knows that he has to deal with the issue and not avoid the deviation of his opinion, as well as grinding, as some are used to at meetings. Offer them the opportunity to go beyond not only fixed queries in the form of a document called, for example, “other notes and comments”. You can be sure that the answers (opinions, attitudes, etc.) that you get in this way will be really valuable.

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