Magic loan: Your face is magical, but it has hard teeth

A new non-banking loan has appeared on the Czech Internet. The name Magic and the opportunity to receive prints of crowns, which may be missing for a fee. However, the year is extremely high and, according to experts, similar to pawn shops. Now you have 359.89 percent a year.

Behind the magic loan is the British investment company Laurence and Partners, which in the Czech Republic was founded by the company Kouzeln pjka sro.

As we have seen, it is time and time to understand the business conditions, which have a total area of ​​22 pages, it takes about two hours.

Daily exam pjku zskat and 150 applicants

According to the press, the first issue issued by the non-banking company is a hellhound and a so-called “loan before payment”. In Czech, the company wants to focus on the number of consumers who need the money to pay less, for example, to pay here, buy a new mobile phone, character shoes and handbags, but they do not have the current payment.

“We do not want to lend to problem clients – we do not borrow people who are indebted even without a day’s income,” says Juraj Orgo, director of the Magic Loan company. “Now, on average, we process 100 and 150 quite a day, and let’s approve less than 20 percent of them. We have approved about 200 enough since the start, ”remarked Jan Hlav, a representative of the company.

Pay attention to some business conditions

The year the company now conducts is extremely high: 359.89 percent ron. “The same year is in full swing and it is a question whether the court would not evaluate such a one as one that is contrary to good morals,” said the first Miroslav Huml from the association

When the business conditions are spared, it is possible, among other things, to get a fee of 150 crowns for the provision of the loan, which becomes part of the principal. And that, of course, is roena. For example, to pay 10 thousand crowns with a 15-day maturity means drilling a total of 11,629 crowns of companies. With a maturity of tens of days, it was 13,108 crowns.

How many bore long-term owners, when you drink 10 thousand crowns
Maturity (days) 5 10 15 20 25 30
Vrtit zpt K 10 643 11 136 11 629 12 122 12 615 13 108
Source: calculator Magic loan, loan fee 150 K, about 359.89% pa

Business conditions have both. Withdraw from the contract within 14 days without any reason and penalty. But only in writing and from the moment such notification is delivered to the creditor to his contact address for the delivery document. And it is in Prague on Wenceslas Square, while the company headquarters is in another crack street.

And he gave a hek- if the long-term loan does not pay you, it is up to the creditor to offer him a problem. One of the options is to extend the maturity of the loan. In such a case, the company charges 400 crowns fee, which is again the amount of principal. years, the rate may be more pronounced than in the original year.

An extremely high year does not mean that it is usury

Whether this is a loan that can be described as usury, but it is not clear. “There is no law that stipulates that it is usury in a year. In order to be usury, the condition must be met, namely that someone abuses his reason for weakness, tightness, inexperience, recklessness or upset, ”points out Luk Zelen, the head of the first dTest counseling center.

As he adds, and only when these two conditions merge, on the one hand, a weakened person who borrows a pension appears, and on the other hand, a person who is a small year or another in full disproportion is a usury. “Each specific case would have to be evaluated individually. The condition of a high year is met in every case in the case of hundreds of percent, ”pipout Luk Zelen.

The company, which is a novelty on the e-bank market, is dying that it does not want to get people into debt traps. “Our goal is to lend people regularly, it should be once or twice a year, not to abuse social cases,” to Hlav.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority, under the supervision of which the non-banking provider falls, has nevertheless confirmed that it will offer it through the Magic Loan Company. “The course of the inspection, its time horizon and the result of the inspection cannot be predicted at this moment, or inspections of this type are very nron. The system also includes the collection of all available data and the provision of all information and contractual conditions published on the website of this company, ”concluded Miloslav Flglov.

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