m dl vc we buy goods second hand and we are not ashamed of it

Finann crisis ns learned etit. We buy more and sell used goods. 90 percent of the people like this experience. More than half of them consider the “bazaar” to be a clear smart purchase.

According to 58 percent of people, this is an interesting way to say something more. This was shown by a survey conducted by the STEM / MARK agency for Cetelem.

It is not in vain, even a necessity for a quarter of the people

In addition, second-hand shopping goods look like something small to us. At present, only five of them would be ashamed of buying consumer goods. According to a survey by Baret Cetelem 2010, it was a quarter of the people a year ago.

The fact that second-hand goods used for their shopping are a necessity, admitted 25 percent of the people, the same as in 2010. According to those who see benefits and not necessity in the purchase of used goods, the bag has grown by about a quarter.

In addition to the benefits of video in the shopping of worn goods, so determine the risks, especially when shopping online, ie without the possibility of physical control.

We most often buy clothes, not two cars

After all, it is true that people buy worn out goods or more, and it is far from just a matter of clothing. While more than 30 percent of those bought second-hand clothes more than once, they are now 55 percent.

With the purchase of a used vehicle, three quarters of the people have experience. Vcekrt used a share of 41 percent of the US. Compared to the situation those years ago, this is about 28 percent. And we buy more than two such furniture, electronics and computers, home appliances, sports equipment and, for example, DIY supplies.

And we are going to buy “bazaars” in the future. For example, only nine percent of us are sure at this moment that they will never buy a used car. Obleen second-hand refuse to buy 24 percent of those in five years. As now, the people are least willing to buy used household appliances in the future. A quarter of the people would consider their purchase more, on the contrary, 35 percent categorically refused it.

We want to sell more

In addition to the shopping bag, they also think that they will use the goods to sell. According to the survey, according to the survey, it is roughly about the aunt that does not exclude from those who do not use this option.

Nowadays, they are trying to foam out more or less people than those years ago. For example, the group of those who once again sold renewed clothing increased by 23 percent. In the future, 45 percent of people plan to sell used clothing, another 26 percent do not reject this possibility. The measure of foaming renewed clothing after children, corks and gave children equipped with half of the respondents, categorically it is a rejection of 30 percent. We want to sell used vehicles the most. Piznv does 63 percent of the ns.

Do you shop rdi in bazaars, second hand and on websites with used bombs?

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