Litigation is a financial waste for half of all, to the lawyer

Dlunk se vm vysmv? The company does not want to get its bundles? Easy advice. Go to court. JenomeThis is easier to, not longer. This is confirmed by the current probe, which shows that the courts are a financial waste for Czech citizens and entrepreneurs.

“More than half of them are discouraged from starting the judiciary, especially financial inferiority, distrust in the fair also plays an important role and the independent court has no independent decision. And the fact that they are not judged by nature also plays a role in this, ”to Petr Chmelek, a lawyer cooperating with ProcesInvest, which deals with the representing client and financial litigation.

who are not afraid to judge mainly because it costs a lot of money. Are there any worries about revenge?
These concerns are really out of place, litigation is not a cheap matter. According to the survey, the financial strength of the judiciary accounts for a total of 54 percent of people of all ages, regardless of distance. In addition to the remuneration of lawyers, individuals and companies have to deal with court fees, which are five percent of the allotment. This makes it relatively easy for the costs to be exceeded by replacing them. The Dalm factor is thus an uncertain result, which in the event of an unfavorable judgment leads to all costs being reimbursed by the other party.

Citizens and companies tend to judge simply because they do not judge. What’s wrong with me?
People in the Czech Republic often have no idea what to do when they go to court, and have no experience with litigation. However, the survey found that distrust in a fair and independent court decision led to the non-initiation of judicial proceedings only in a quarter of respondents. The largest non-court prevails in the age category over 54 years, where it reaches 40 percent, while in the age category up to 26 years, less than 10 percent of the courts do not give up. Political opinion also plays an important role in evaluation. Right-wing voters are lenient with the court, while voters tending to the left judge their independence much more critically.

If a citizen decides to sue with a company, or an entrepreneur with an entrepreneur, what is most often the case?
According to the Ministry of Justice, more than 170,000 commercial disputes were issued last year. Most often it was the disputes over the contracts of the vulture, which formed the darkness of the aunt’s overall salt. Other disputes include those involving bills of exchange, securities and other valuables, and thus purchase contracts concluded under a commercial agreement. And according to the disputes with the employers.

In our country, similarly to Western Europe, there is a possibility to have the litigation financed by a specialized company. On what principle does such a service work?
Companies providing these services first have a professional evaluation of the outcome in court. And if they are, they assume the financial ties associated with the initiation and conduct of litigation and any failure at their risk. At the moment of reaching the return and full from the counterparty, such companies then claim the return, which varies according to the complexity of the case, with a range of 20 and 40 percent. The client does not bear the risk of loss and pay for services only if he achieves his rightful claim.

In many cases, the fact that the court may change for months and may not fall short.
Yes, according to our research, the timelessness of judicial women discourages over 40 percent of people. This argument most often appears among university graduates, so they were more likely with regard to the housing of the respondents, sacrificing their time and have problems especially people in large cities.

How is reality today, are esk courts svinj?
Determining the average duration of litigation in the Czech Republic is not easy. According to the Ministry of Justice, due to socio-economic conditions, the conduct of civilian women is being extended, primarily due to insolvency agendas, ie so-called personal bankruptcies. From the day of the action to the day of the acquisition of first power, the average time in these cases is estimated at 398 days. On the contrary, the good first thing is that the average lead time for criminal women is shortened. In 2008 it was 226 days, last year it was only 179 days, which is in the European Union on Friday. The situation, of course, varies from region to region, the longest lasting in the north of the Czech Republic and in the south of Moravia.

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